Eon (Illustration) Entry: Alwyn Talbot


almost there, looking great! take care you dont overdo the glow and flarefx.

its a kick ass piece, cant wait to see ya bring it over the finishing line!


Aih, and another poster concept; Nice entry…it’s a little bit too bright (I’m having the same problem atm lol), but that can be fixed easily :slight_smile:


1stAngel & Suirebit > absolutely- i need to tone it down a bit , i seem to love putitng bloom on everyting ! :confused: cheers guys! working on it :slight_smile:


addressed the brightness issue a little, not sure if it’s still needs toning down some more. other wise i think i may leave it before i break it.
good luck y’all !


well ! uploaded my final image so this is it i guess.

good luck to you all ! amazing turn out as useual, i’m so not even in the running :slight_smile: haha
it’s been an education.

good luck


congrats I really like the sci fi attitude of your illustration , I wanna read the story behind your image though, those are fun :slight_smile:


ivy00 - thanks mate! :slight_smile: uh oh, i figured everyone kind of knows the story so didn’t fill that section… could that be bad? is it still a valid enrty??



yipeeeeeeeee!! congratulations dude! u made it! :scream::buttrock::applause::smiley: kickass composition man! pretty colourful and dramatic as well! closeups … motion … expression … coool! :eek:

wishing u good luck ma friend! :thumbsup: god bless ya!


congrats on your kick ass final and best of luck mate. loved your piece form the beginning and you brought it back home with brillinace. power and a huge epic feel!


Congratz mate!You made it!!Great pic and epic feeling indeed!!!Good luck and may zzee frorzzz be wizz you :wink:


OKMER & Angel -

crazy big thanks guys :slight_smile: ! i really wasn’t sure about this one, nearly pulled out but you guys brought me round :smiley: epic? thanks :0 but i certianly havn’t got the sense of scale that yours have.

nwiz25 - cheers dude!! been a pleasure working along side you man. love your work.



Ha,ha Bro!
epic; kind a dramatic, heroic, legendary, etc


I’m not trying to start anything, but I noticed a huge similarity in our logos: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?threadid=416250

Nice illustration, and I hope you get a prize! :thumbsup:


OKMER - yay , that’s what i was going for but didn’t think i’d managed it. thanks man :slight_smile:

mitchelhunt - hey thanks man :slight_smile: you too mate.
logos… i think you might be on to something… haha


Well I do Neubius!:beer:
Hope to see ya on the next challenge!!!
Have a great valentine mate!


next challenge > without a doubt mate :slight_smile: can’t wait !



Any one know how long it normally takes for the judging ?


This challenge was a bit different and was touted to be at the most 6 weeks for judging, Its about 6 weeks from when that info was given…This week hopefully :scream:



that was fun ! when can we do it again ?


see you all next time,


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