Eon (Illustration) Entry: Alwyn Talbot


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hey mate :slight_smile: just came to wish you good luck! have tonsa fun, great to see ya here as well! weeee time to rock it again!:beer::buttrock:


cheers man ! time for some speed reading first for me though ! eek !



first idea, need to read more of the book. And then change my mind 10 or so times. im thinking film poster sort of style.


Sup Alwyn welcome to the challenge and good luck with your entry!:thumbsup:


thanks man :slight_smile: good to be back !

though i can’t seem to get started properly, every one’s getting so far ahead !!


just acharacter sketch, need to read more of this book but busy at work!!


Just love that style!!!kinda european comic style,great,great.
really curious about the suite!!!

Good luck and loads of fun!!!


Thanks man :slight_smile:

the suit… yeah , kind of curious about that myself :confused: ive not read enough of the book yet to do anything acurate yet !


hehe rather sexy ^^ you should suggest that design to nasa, makes em females look delicious ^^


haha cheers dude!

i promise not to post anything else untill ive read this book !


cool comic style …i ilke it :thumbsup:


Great start! Good Job!!


Hey I like this work.Cool job!:thumbsup:


awesome! keep up the work.


Vahn > cheers man, used to practicaly copy goeff darrow and moebius’ style about 10 years ago, hopefully it’s my own style now !? :slight_smile:

lotaH / GouzaloGolpe > thanks !

warpy > cheers man, will do :slight_smile:


Very nice character kip up the good work:thumbsup:


awesome man. i love the style


Nice character design, maybe the clothing should be more sheltered but i love it anyway it looks prety sexy and the helmet is really cool. Keep it up


ReinaldoRomero > thanks ! ill try.
michael-olszak > thanks alot :slight_smile: working on the composition now…

adib > i know what you mean, i was kind of thinking she had taken most of it off , if that makes sense?

next post composition sketch…