Eon (Illustration) Entry: Alexandra Ciolac


Thanks a lot, Sabrina, Dima and George! Your support means a great deal to me!

Jef, after being on this challenge and watching people work I can really see how much I am missing in my own work! I guess I am going to do much more painting in my future work, and I will have to find time for learning 2d!

I will try your advice with lights Tuesday evening, but I am not sure that will be able to improve it: there is no time for rerendering, so it’s going to be my fight with Photoshop :slight_smile: .
Thanks for help and advice!


I am sure this has been an educating experience for you. I have just a small comment that is not too constructive, but is just a little side note. I would have liked to seen Tiny Forest Girl in space on Eon. Congradulations on finishing. Thanks for the comments.


Yay! you finished :slight_smile: It is always neat to see the threads you have watched closely finish. Beautiful job, you put a lot of time and thought into your scene and it shows in the final result. congratulations

… about the 2d painting thing, you should give the dialy sketch area a try, ( I am addicted)


Hey, congratulations ! I love the light and the characters but most of all i like that you picked such an emotional,almost private scene for your image. This really reflects the mood in the book. Very, very good choice.


weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! congratulations sasha! :buttrock::applause::eek: u made it!

yup yup i agree with artvandeley! very colourful emotional piece! :love: :scream:

wishing u the very best of luck mate! :thumbsup:

cheers! :beer:


Hey Linda, thanks!
I will follow your advice and look into the sketch area - your advices led me only to good things :slight_smile: !

Thank you, Torsten! I believe emotional, feelingfull things are the ones we all can relate and connect to. With whole the world(s) around us we still live in our own inside universes, and feelings are the easiest ways to get there… :smiley:

Hey Neville, life is definitely less ordinary with you around :scream: . Thanks a lot!

Oh yes, Will, it was a great learning experience for me! I enjoyed it very much… May be Tiny Forest Girl one day will get her own show :slight_smile: . Thank you for visiting my thread!

And I wanted to share something with you, guys: I got my first full time cg job! I am going to work as a junior rigger in one danish company! :applause: :bounce:



Congratulations, Sasha!:thumbsup:


He-he, thank you, Tiziano!:slight_smile:

I am looking forward to it, and getting a bit nerves if I can match to the level of professionalism I can see in that company.

And I hope to meet you again on the next challenge. You have been of great help and support to me here, thank you again!


Very nice work, love the style of characters!

Nice lighitng and composition too!


thanx a million Sasha! :love: :stuck_out_tongue: its great fun getting to kno u and everyone else! :love:

n a big big congratulations on ur first new job! :bounce: :scream: :applause: may god bless u with all the best things in life! n may he always help u in whatever u do! cheers to u my friend! :beer:
rock on! :buttrock:


And I wanted to share something with you, guys: I got my first full time cg job! I am going to work as a junior rigger in one danish company! :applause: :bounce:

wow, that is excellent big big congratulations to you on the job :thumbsup:


Thank you, Linda :scream:!

Edward, thanks for visiting my thread, I am very glad you like it :)!

Jeff, my painting skills are very limited (and I am transferring it to the left hand now, because I am left handed for computer, but right handed for analog pen and pencil), so I just couldn’t get your advice implemented good enough to post :sad:… But one day in the future :D…


No worries Sasha, you did great and you’ll only keep getting better! :slight_smile: Hooray for finishing!!


HI SAsha!!!Congratz on finishing mate!!!Loce the emotions you’ve put in the pic,very cool!!!Hope to see you next time around and may zee forzz be wizz you mate!!!:beer:


Congrats musi :slight_smile:

What company are you joining, if I may?


i am not sure if i told you before. loved your work since i found it - its been great to watch you develop this i enjoyed following your work and i am just so happy you brougt it to such a wonderful final. congrats and best of luck on the jugdements, and wowies - thats some great news, congratulations on your new job the :slight_smile: have a great start on it! :beer::buttrock::beer:


O.k., it’s time to look back, take a little distance and try seeing the whole picture…:wise:

And doing that, I can see what a great experience it was being a part of this challenge and this community. How different we all are, how different we saw the world of EON, how different we express our visions and use our tools to do that, and at the same time how much the same we all have the passion and necessity to express our visions!
If it wasn’t for all you, good people, I would probably drop out of the challenge - I was so close to that… And wouldn’t be here now, writing this… Thank you all so much!

Linda (Ivy00)
, you where the first to post on my thread, and you followed with me all the way through, your sharp eye and advices where of a great help to me! Thank you again, my friend!

Sacha (TheFirstAngel), thank you very much! It was my pleasure to meet you here and see your artwork and the way you work! Well, you made me very nervous to the end, and I am very happy you got your final submitted! And from Monday I am going to dive into the world of rigging :bounce:!

Sabrina (daWinky), big thanks for following my progress and being there with your support, when I needed it most! And with a cat like this one you don’t have to be afraid of monsters - I am talking from my experience, I have two cats, and they are my biggest help, protection and support in everything :scream:

Neville (nwiz25), I guess you are the most positive person on this challenge! That rain of smileys and positive energy that was flowing from your posts - I just felt light and happy every time I saw your post! God bless you too, my friend!:love:

Tiziano (Thaldir), if one day I will change my job and become a 2D artist - that’s will be your fault! :slight_smile: Thank you so much for help and advice!

Marley (LightSovereign), very special thanks for sharing your dream experience with me and supporting when I was so close to give up! It was a big inspiration for me…

Remko (OKMER), your support and honest opinions where of the great help to me, thank you! And may ze forzzz b wizz you too!:slight_smile:

Jeff (JeffZugale), I loved visiting your thread - it was like reading a good tutorial, all that decision making process and workflow you described where a great learning experience to me :applause:! Thank you for good advices and support!

Marie Louise, my dear friend and soon to be colleague, I am looking forward to working with you, and thank you for supporting me here!:slight_smile:

My classmates and friends (specially Mikkel, my former teacher) that gave their comments via e-mail, thank you, my friends!

George (icedeyes)
Torsten (artvandeley)
Martin (MartinNielsen)
Dimitri (Demitsuri)
Greg (Terro)
Jennifer (webwings)
Alex (bandro)
Tuan (VietEmotion)
Raffy (idyeaah)
Rares (RaresHalmagean)
Mladen (mladenr)
Bartosz (fgdf)
Stratulat (ginoshu)
Mike (mmoir)
Lei (Aura)
Didzis (didzis)
Tiberius (Suirebit)
Paul-Nikos (LostPen)
Will (wcraig)
Edward (Eggman)

I just wanted to name every single one of you, guys (I hope I didn’t miss anybody), and thank you all personally for help and support! It was my first participation in a community like this, and your words and visits meant a great deal to me!:buttrock:

Good luck to you all, my friends, and hope to see you next time on the next challenge!:wavey:


Hehe, thank you for listing us, it’s very kind of you and once again big time congratulations on the finished piece.


Hi Sasha.

Congrats You with new job. You did an exceptional good work.
And thank You for supporting and advices on my thread.
I hope to see your new works before next challenge.

Best wishes, Dimitri.


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