Eon (Illustration) Entry: Adrian Baluta


Really pleasing image! Go more saturated!:thumbsup:


Thanks guys! Now is the Final comp I work on and the detail because is 300 dpi print resolution. And the final cromatic I chose:bounce: I m thinking,but in the end I hope to liked all.


A very nice image Adrian.
A very eye catcheing one.
I prefer too the more saturated one.
You`re fast.
Congrats mate. And good luck


Now I do the final touch.


… im in love! …


really feels like being there!


good luck buddy!



Great! fabulous sky! :applause:


Just incredible!.. wonderful


Thanks alot guys!:bounce:


Absolutely fantastic mood :scream:

Great progress Adrian, It`s looks already like a final image :thumbsup:


excellent! i preffer the more saturated too.

nice work man, dam your fast!


What can I say,alot good critics for me Thanks!I wish you all good luck!Nice challenge to.:thumbsup:


This is the Final image,hope you liked.


So you´ve finished it!! You´re Might Mouse at least!:smiley: Super fast guy!I like so much your image and I wish you all the good luck:bounce: :buttrock:


Is Lei Huang your clone.Both of you have finished well in advance of everyone else.Very


Thanks to all,the important thing is to finish the work not the speed.I am happy because in this challenge are many talented people,and I v seen alot of good works Bravo to everyone!Also we have alot to learn in this from others.

Good luck to all!:bounce:


Love the colors and the sky is just so nice. Good Luck!


spectacular Adrian! this is freakin amazing!:eek:
i agree with u dude! so many talented people out here!
everyones concept is so vibrant and oozing with creativity! :love: ( urs included :p)

heres wishing u the very best of luck buddy! :thumbsup:

god bless ya! :love:


A beautiful final image.

A pity then that it is ultimately inaccurate in its portrayal of the chamber. Well, you have time to fix it.


It’s great man but it doesn’t portait the chamber’s geometry…you still have time to fix it tho…


i still think the metalframe doesn’t match with the rest of the piece it looks pasted in since nor perspective nor light nor detaillevel look like its part of the rest of the piece.
in case the frame is 3d, i sugest to use the same lightsetup and a non ortographic cam (preferly the same like u used for the island render), reduce the mainlightsource of blue to a minimum, push the specularity (spackled) of the metal and insted of a simple bump try displacement on the riples, that should add detail on the whole frame in case you want to light up the front slighly, volumetric fog always is a nice option to do so… atmospherics in general would help your foreground.
If its not 3d, its a very simple object easily modeled in a few hours, there’s so much time, it would be a shame to drop the beautiful islandscape into frame that doesnt match it.
of course, thats just my own point of view, hope the sugestions help you in any way.
keep it up, cheers