Eon (Illustration) Entry: Adrian Baluta


great work mate! the clouds as many said look awesome, i am very curious to know how you made them, yould be great if you could show a bit of how you done them or even greater if you post a little tutorial :slight_smile:

great work on the light, the only thing i am not completely convinced with yet it the metalframe, looks a bit “naked” yet.
keep it up mate, looking forward to your next update :slight_smile:


Like I said before,I will made a tutorial for the clouds after the challenge is finished.Thanks for everyone for the comments!


Hi Adrin.
Really great job.
Good luck.:thumbsup:

Hamed katebi


Thanks iranimator! If I can have time maybe I will join and the 3D section of the challenge:)


The metal corner seem to be pasted there… It doesn’t seem to belong to the rest.
Anyway I won’t be never tired to repeat it: the colours and the details are perfect!


Thanks ukitel! Yes I will kip dose colors and comp,some small detail perhapse I will fixed,after that my adveture is finish in 2D challenge.Many people thinks that I am fast in work:) but because I dont have to much time for my I must by very fast,my job take all time and I just have a little time for me and my two kids.Anyway is a real pleasure to be in this challenge.

I wish you best to all !:thumbsup:


Great start, or working, hehe. I a bit miss start, looks really great! Looking foward to see it finished, good luck!


roman? mhhh :slight_smile: Nice, it’s geting better and better :slight_smile:


Wow, you’ve really outdone yourself since the last time I checked. I’m glad you added the Plasma Tube, and it’s reflection. Now it definitely ties together with Eon and the 4th chamber. Great job.


hi man, pls don’t rush to finish this scene, it would be too bad because you are on the right track but it’s far from being a breathtaking scene. The foreground layer looks bad, also the clouds are taking all the attention away, the cliffs requires some more work. Maybe if you post the hirez pics more details will be visible… spor!


It looks good man, but agree with above post, don’t rush it, you’ve got time to push your limits, IMO that’s what this challenge is mostly about. :thumbsup: :slight_smile:


Thanks again! Ofcorse I will make some small changes AdrianLazar,only when I am satisfied with my work I l put the final image as FINAL:) .There is alot time to…:thumbsup: I hope you like my final image whe I will posted.Thanks to you Terro and Suirebit.And rawwad you will be seen my on 3D challenge to!:bounce:


Ohh very cool and I think it´s better talking about the book:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


I m clousing to the end!


great work adib!!! the lighting is superb! :thumbsup:man you are almost finished! :slight_smile:


i didn’t think i could like your picture more than when you first started it, but i do. i think i like it this way better because the lighting is more dramatic with just the light in the center. i also love the added touch of the entry portal. :thumbsup: quite beautiful and you’ve done it so quickly too. :applause:


Thanks to all,I think I will finish this week!:bounce:


Now is the small details,to get the right way on colors and atmosphere.


absolutely great man!!!
And that sky is amazing!!!
Your last pic feels a bit desatured besides the pic before, prefered the mor saturated one!


Beautiful sky!:thumbsup:Color can enrich~