Eon (Illustration) Entry: Adrian Baluta


Wow, man you’re fast, I bearly start and you post an almost finished picture. It looks very nice I like the mood and colours. Will look forward to see your next posts man!:bounce:


Excellent work ! :eek: waiting for your next post :bounce:


Thanks ! I get wait to finish my work!:bounce:


whooo,just watched your pic again and wooo,that sky is amazing mate!


Thanks OKMER after I will finish the challenge work I will make a tutorial for the clouds:bounce:


superb man.

and **** your fast!


IMPRESSIVE…looks great. Will follow yours closely.


Thanks again I don t know what to say ,alot of positive comments!:bounce:


That’s beautiful! :drool:


ow… yes im watching it…its great.
you do it so fast.
wish you the best.


not to sound like a broken record but…

i love those clouds. not sure how you did it, but wow.


Now is only the detail thing and comp,I think I will finish this week.


Now is only the detail thing and comp,I think I will finish this week.


totally agree !! i love the surrounding, the color you choose, especially the clouds, oooo like it very much. and you’re very quick too, IMHO, umm…probably too quick, adib, i still think that you can do more of it. i mean, if i were you, i might not satisfied too soon about my own work (despite of my crazy schedule…:sad:). but so far, i like the finishing part, keep it up :love:and have fun ! :slight_smile:


I am closing to the end, some little things to fix and I am aprocing to the final comp.


oOoh! thats fantastic work man…great use of colors,:bounce:.


Salut! E bine sa mai vezi “fellow romanians :))” pe CGTalk. Bafta la EON si la celelalte concursuri care vor urma!


really nice!:thumbsup:


i’ve got just one word for this …

:eek: MAGICAL! :eek:

[left]cheers to u dude! n good luck! :slight_smile:


excellent work man:thumbsup: great colors.