Eon (Illustration) Entry: Adrian Baluta


Hmm the islands look as if they were pasted on there, try and fuse them INTO the environment… On another note… is this a sort of matte painting?

Mason Roberts


I agree with robert here. it looks like it was composed from several elements. i would even say 3d elements as well.
it looks Ok though.


Hi Mason Roberts this is just for position is not the final image to make a zdepth I wil do a 3D render with 2d maps I painted,and I have alot to work on the light.

Thanks for comments!:slight_smile:


waw! r u finished already? great start man! great start…


Thanks to all for the comments,and all the best for everybody in this challenge!:thumbsup:


Great looking work there dude.

Just awesome man.


amazing colors there Adrian,very nice.You got very great lighting and cloudwork:thumbsup:


awesome, wanna go there fishing ^^


hey great job … :thumbsup:
cheers …


Coming along nicely. I’ll be watching this one :). Noroc.


What a wonderful landscape, full of peace. I´ll be watching to your work.Good luck!!:thumbsup:


Thanks alot for the comments,I hope I wil show you soon the final composition in a few days because right now I have alot of work on my job.:thumbsup:


great job Adrian:thumbsup:


Thanks atilla!:slight_smile:


Hey Adrian, I have to beanother who chimes in with a critique. A lot of people are missing a really important detail about the chambers in Eon. They are cylinders - they wrap around 360 degrees - in other words, if you looked directly up in your image, in the distance you would see the water above you, with boats upside down. At the moment, this image, while really beautiful, is not Eon concept art. But keep going!


Thanks alot PMD I will keep that in mind when I do the final comp,maybe I will put some part of the entry in the chamber.:thumbsup:


HI Adib very nice composition so far, the colors are brilliant. As far as the chambers go , I don’t know if I agree with PMD. The chambers are cylinders, but they have an athmospehere. The one thing I have to crit on is the light source It looks like you are using a sun, and the descriptions state that each chamber has the light come from a Plasma Tube. Thats just my 2 cents, I think this is so far my favortite image in the Eon contest.


Whoaaa, that gotta be great diving from those rocks,ha,ha.
Great atmophere!!!


Yes, very nice. You are getting on very quickly.
I love the colours and composition.
It is very dream-like. Keep it up amd good luck!


Thanks guys! this is the first time I participate into a challenge and the comments looks very good.:slight_smile: