Lovas thanks of the help!:thumbsup:
However I follow your advice, I wait the confirmation of Mibus!


There are actually three issues at play:
Licensing is fine - the office has bought the app (presumably). The ownership you’ll have to check with your boss - if I make something on work time, work owns it (not me). I’d have to make it “off the clock”, so to speak. The third point is permission - you need to make sure your boss is OK with it!

It should only take a 30 second chat with your boss to get the permission and make sure it won’t be considered owned by the company.


Hi Mibus, thanks for the help and the advices.
Today I’ve spoken with my boss, now it’s everything ok!! :thumbsup:
thanks still…bye


Ok, so no one kill me please, but I’m having trouble getting the cgchallenge uploader to work. :frowning:

I’m not yet a CGS member so it keeps telling me that it won’t work for me. I’ve tried to download the cgchallenge uploader also and it just gives me a bunch of unexecutable files.

Any ideas? I’ve got a video post I’d like to make…

thanks in advance everyone! (man, I hope it’s a dummy messup on my part - I’ve searched all thru the FAQ for more help, but nothing seemed to give me the answer I need)


You have to get the challenge uploader, the Portfolio one won’t work. The file you download isn’t a ZIP, it’s a JAR file - make sure the filename is right. Then, make sure Java is installed, and you should be able to double-click the JAR file to launch it.


Ok, I’ll check and make sure JAR files are not being automatically opened by winzip…thanks for the reply Mibus


Ok. Figured it out. Even though my java was installed, it would still download the cgchallenge uploader file as a zip file. So once I downloaded it, I manually changed the file extension and forced it to open with java instead. Worked great that way and everything should be good for now on. I’m not sure why my winzip was set to open jar files! Thanks Mibus for your direction. Now I can get back to doing the challenge! :slight_smile:


I wish to submit a scene which is an animation of 4-8 seconds of the scene i intened to model.

This will show its 3d aspect in a sense, but i wish to submit it as an animtion not as an example of how 3d my work is.

" plus a 4 - 8 second animation of your completed scene (not just a model). "

  • sound like a clinical, viewing + proving of how 3d the model you are making is. Rather than for instance:

“an animation of lanier viewing the explosions on earth”

please let me know as i am dying to submit the latter type of anim

p.s the book rocks


I `ve completed all my milestones & need to upload the FTP TIFF file.How do I do that.I do have an FTP software but how do I get connected?



FTP will open up earlyish December; I’ll post here when it’s ready :slight_smile:


Hello everybody.

What is an ftp and how do I get an image on it and how does it work?

Please help.


I’m sorry if this has already been asked, I didn’t see it. It’s probably an obvious question, but I thought I would ask.

Are we allowed to create characters that have the likeness of celebrities, without (for obvious reasons) having the possibility of getting their permission?


I’ve read all the way through the FAQs and can’t find a few questions about composition of the 3D scene category…

First -
Are captions allowed? Two kinds…

  • I’m thinking of using both a bubble of words, ie the comic book thing where someone says something
  • And a Letter or Book in the composition where the words are readable, ie you could see the open novel of Tom Sawyer and read the printing date of 1174
    Second -
    Is a collage effect allowed? aslo Two kinds…
  • the picture I turn in has several things in it at the same time, ie the earth with the stone in orbit on the top left and Patricia entering the 7th chamber on the bottom left, and just for fun maybe a snap shot of boojum on the right… they would all have their respective 3Dness and turn for the 4-8 sec anim
  • or a zooming effect to show the stone in orbit and in the same image a close up of Patricia on the edge of the first chamber
    These are very important for my concept so please reply as soon as possible

Thank you,
Aaron Bergquist

p.s. I would also like to know the above question about the use of a celebrity’s identity, I would like to use Maria Menounous as Patricia


Hey Mibus.
Just want to ask to make sure: Are we, trailer folks, free of FTP for this challenge? So we just need to upload final trailer via video uploader as final milestone? Thank you.


So, I fired up the ChallengeUploader today just to check it out, and it seems that for the 3D Model section, there is no category for the video upload to be found in the dropdown box… There’s options for everything else, but the video file browse button remains grayed out except for the various applicable Trailer bits.

Thus, how/when will it be possible for participants in the 3D Model category to upload their .flv’s? Or did I simply get a messed up installation?

Further, just to be clear, reading that compositing is discouraged in the 3D Model category is confusing - I’m hoping that you mean “compositing 3D with non-3D stuff is discouraged”, because surely we’re allowed to split our renders up in different passes and layers for compositing/assembly? It would be kinda nasty and counter-productive otherwise :smiley:



I’m confused a bit here. This is about computer graphics. I don’t do it all. I don’t create models, props, clothes etc. I use Poser, Vue, Bryce … I also use Photoshop to create a finished image on most occations. I have a traditional art background. A B.A. in fine art. (Oils, pen/ink, watercolor, pencil … etc.) I don’t have access to live models. I feel … well. left out. Is this just for the big guys with 3d Max and model from scratch capabilities? Is this what the site is all about? I don’t mean to sound defensive … honest. but it’s so disapointing. The finished works I generally do don’t “Look” like Poser (I never use the models “out of the box”, I always morph or adjust them to be individual) or Bryce. They are guides as I don’t have photos or models and as a visually impaired artist I can see them better … IF 2d work is allowed why can’t I use the tools of Poser to help create the 2d image? Thank you for your time and consideration in this question. I’m just trying to work towards being a professional illustrator. (Not a modeler).

With sincere apologies for my “rant”.


P.S. I did notice that another enterent used Vicky 3 as a base model for his character study for the contest … so I am very confused now.


JamesMK: I’ve put up a new ChallengeUploader that should fix it.

bonim: The main drive for the challenges is to improve and round out an artist’s skills, with a focus on the types of artists that are predominant here - we will be moving to allowing more “pre-made” stuff in the future, but it’s not official yet.


I was forced to abandon my project due to lack of time, but I really enjoyed this animation section of the challenge. Do you think we could do animations for every/some more challenge(s)?


Thank you so much for your response. This gives me great hope that my pieces will eventually be a quality for this wonderful organization. I do understand the focus, but knowing that the renderers out here that use both 3d and 2d to make their final work without making their models from scratch will have a place here is welcoming indeed. Again. Thank you.


This is in response to Bonim’s post…I’m not trying to be mean and I’m really sorry if this sounds so, but isn’t using premade models for a challenge as bad as buying a frozen dinner and entering it in a cooking contest?