MIbus: Thanks for the reply, I’d actually downloaded the wrong uploader didn’t even notice that they were both different. Thanks Heaps:bounce:


[left]It seems that yesterday a new member joined the EON Illustration thread, viewing and commenting the wip of several artists busy in the exploration of the Stone Chambers! Well, it’s the author himself and he registered as GregBear…

[b]WELCOME GREG![/b] :applause:



Hello ! I’m sorry, but i read the instructions page, and again… It is surely mentionned somewhere, but i can’t find indications about time limit ?.. When should the last images be posted, please ?


Wo wo wo! When did timelimit for trailer kicked in?? It wasnt there before! I got my trailer planned for 3 minutes and now you telling me to cut it in half??


Nils: As long as you’ve submitted all milestones by the deadline (15th January), you’re fine.

OmeN: Trailer limit has been on the instructions page since the beginning:


Curses my blindness! Well I got some editing to do… hopefully if a have lil more than 90s u wot kill me :stuck_out_tongue:


My videos aren’t loading. Why?


question about sound:

  1. Can I compose my background music using somekind of software based on samples? or maybe I can use someone’s orginal music to remix it in that kind of software?

  2. I guess there is no limitation for using life recorded sounds (f.e. hitting the wall with my head) for sfx.

3.If I ask someone to perform 90s orginal soundtrack to my trailer, is it all right if I just list him (or her ) in my cast crew (another example: Orginal Sound track by Vesperios aka “Mad Violin”) along with life actors and voice actors? or he (or her! -anyone? :wink: ) must be CGMember and my team member?

  1. Personally I can’t imagine trailer without music ,and since we are all painters or modellers… or animators -not musicians that makes this challenge extremally hard! I must find my notes from highschool , i remeber I played a little on guitar that time…:twisted:

  1. Can i (or administrator) dete one of my image that i have posted… ? there were a bug and 3 indentical images were posted.

  2. “Scratch Voice track and/or original footage” - can anyone tell about this with more datails?


hm, looks like few ( or many ) of us are fighting with trailer milestones. Since I think we all have different workflow for such a subject, is it allowed to just fake those milestones - so we don´t need to make our updates following exactly your description?



Hi ive only just read about the competition. I understand that interaction is important so i have basically missed a month. Can i enter now is that not possible.


Entering now is fine :slight_smile:


Hello. How long will the illustration phase last yet?
Do I have to have sgsociety memdership to participate?
And does annual sgsociety membership last from the date you acquire it or it expires in a New Year’s day?
Thank you.


It all ends at the same time, 15th January.

Do I have to have sgsociety memdership to participate?


And does annual sgsociety membership last from the date you acquire it or it expires in a New Year’s day?

Date you acquire it.

Thank you.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:


However we don’t want to disadvantage anyone who has not read the book or who doesn’t have time. Here are some of the main locations you could choose to illustrate, render or incorporate in your trailer. orign from Inspirational Guide

I have a question from the words above.every locaton with a picture to give me a reference,can I make a still or concept design fully different from the pictures provided by govement.I find I will express better.I want to know if allow?or I modifiy on the basics.because
I believe the pictures provided can limited the image.


Use your imagination! :slight_smile:


How can I delete or replace milestone images? Or we can’t?


You can’t, but you can upload multiple entries for a single milestone. (eg, you could have four concept sketches).


Hi, I’ve a simple question.
Now I’m working in a office for an university unpaid work experience.
I use cinema 4D every day and in the downtime I model my scene.
I can use the licence of the program of the office for doing my scene?..because for the moment I haven’t my personal licence…I hope to win it!!!:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


This is not an “official” answer - but I think you should ask the boss in the office for permission. If he/she agrees, then it is ok. Authorship of a work is not connected to who owns the tools. And if you are using a legally acquired and licenced copy (i.e. “seat”) of the program, while it’s not being used by the other employees in the office, I don’t see why it should be wrong.

(Unless you’re employed in the office on regular basis and use the tool during your official working hours - in such a case authorship goes to the office.)

Nevertheless, we better wait for Mibus to confirm this…