thanks a lot Mibus!


Thank you Mibus for answer. But still, is there any limitation for video/audio? Or is it the same as with portfolio video hosting - so 50 MB limit? I know I can try to upload and see how it works, but will be better to know such a thing in order to encode our files good…



Thanks for you answer, but I have another one: I downloaded the CG Challenge Uploader and it says that i can only upload flash videos. I have no idea how to work flash, and I dont think I even have it…is there any other way I can upload them officially to the CG Challenge?


Hey man, c´mon, everything about this is described within INSTRUCTIONS folder :thumbsup:
Also, check this out http://wiki.cgsociety.org/index.php/Help:CGUploader

Do not block real questions - is there any kind of size limitation for video/audio? :applause:

( all in good way of humour of course )


There’s no specific hard-set limit, so just be reasonable.


Thank you :slight_smile:


I’m bit confused here. Less story based? EON instructions clearly say say: “Story is the primary component that will be awarded highest weighting in all judging. The emotive impact and implication of “story behind the image” is the aspect that is most important. Your work must capture the imagination of the viewer and draw them in without relying on any prior knowledge of the story.”

This is official contest so you can’t use copyrighted music without paying royalties to the artist. Original soundtrack is always a cool thing but if you are unable to produce one you can always use free music. There is lot of free music out there.


forgive me if someone has already asked this but i am teaming up with some friends for this challenge and we were wondering if we really HAVE to stick to the book (both visually and as an idea)…

Can we base our trailer concept more on the subtitle (worlds within worlds) or stick to what the book and main title let us create?.. I am asking this because we wanted to divert from the book a bit and dont know if that is within regulations…

Thanks in advance…


This is just my guess (i.e. I don’t work here) but it seems like you can do something not book-related, but you’ll be going up against people who will be doing something book related. As the Challenge is specifically about doing something from the book and will be judged by the book’s author, I wouldn’t expect you to do well in the judging if you ignored the theme. But it still could be a fun learning experience and a chance to work with people to complete a finished trailer, which has value all by itself.



Niten: If you can capture “story” in a model, then you’ll undoubtedly pull ahead of others who can’t. It’s just that we don’t expect story to play as large a part in the modeling category as the other categories.

icedeyes: Sure.


warlus: Thank you very much for your suggestion… I will talk it over tommorow with the others and we will see… I just wanted to know if we had the option to go in that direction…

Mibus: Thanks…


Hey I was hoping that someone might be able to help me out here. I just downloaded the cguploader, a flv encoder. I did all the stuff followed the instructions on the help page etc…

When I try to upload a video it says that it cannot upload the file because this option is only available to CGSociety Members.

It said that all CGTalk and CGSociety members are eligible to enter the competition, but if CGTalk members can’t upload their videos how can they compete in the competition? Especially the trailer or 3D Scene catergory.

Did I misunderstand something or do something wrong?
If so how can I upload them?

I have already read the entire faqs thread and uploader help page.

If there is no other way for me to upload the video can I link to an external site as a last option?



I was about to post the same question. But I think you’re allowed to post an outsourced video, considering around 3 people (including me) have already done it without any consequences…


A few questions for the trailer category:

  1. For the music, I’m assuming using loops is okay? i.e. if I use Adobe Audition or ACID or Garage Band or whatever, and use their royalty free loops to put together something, I’m working under the impression that this will count as an original composition? Or do I have to actually haul my guitar up to the microphone and pluck out something (or even worse, do I have to build my own instruments from scratch first :slight_smile: ; just joking).

  2. Is the “Scratch Voice Track” supposed to be an audio only upload, or is it set to the edited storyboards (i.e. a lecia reel or animatic)?

  3. Same for the “Initial SFX and Music”? And “Foley pass and final audio edit”?

  4. Total newbee question here: what’s the difference between a “Colored story board” and a “Colortimed and finished storyboard” (I mean, I understand color-timing as it relates to video, but I’m not sure how it works for a drawn storyboard)?


Oops, forgot one. Does the 90 sec upper limit have to include trailer credits (e.g. cast and crew), or can those follow after the full trailer (e.g. the actual file may run, say, 100 sec with the credits tacked on)?



Only a question, can I particypate alone( without team) for trailler contest section?

Best regards, Spire.


yes you can. it’s in the contest rules :wink:



thank’s for youre answer.

Best regards.Spire


Hi! Is it possible to replace the uploaded picture (cause it contains a mistake, for example) in an entry?


js3d: No, just upload a new one.

fifty3dragons: Add-on time for credits is OK, but don’t overdo it.

  1. Loops should be fine.

2 & 3) I’d put it to whatever video you have at the time

  1. It’s just an extra step where you can tint the colours, and finish up the audio. (You can think of typical DVD ‘deleted scenes’ that don’t look right, and don’t sound quite right either - this is the “next step” from there).

For all the people with uploader issues, are you all using the CGUploader or the CGChallenge Uploader? It’s a different download… (You can check in the title of the app when you run it).