I go back in a certain way on TheSOracle question which have no answer. IS there a way to switch from one categories to another. I explain : for 2/3 of the work, I would make the same work in illustration category and 3d category. But depending on how much I progress when we arrived in December I’ll choose to enter more illustration category or 3d one. So how can I do (and can I do it) ? I don’t want to "hide " my job and choose in december as I think the interessant thing for this challenge is just to share our WIP. Would I have to ask you to delete my entry in one category and then I’ll repost in the other one ?

Well I ask many things but I’m not sure I’ll have time to do it :scream:


Will the little thumbnail views of people most recent submission be introduced to the thread again or are they gone for good?


Im prolly blind and apologize for what seems, and prolly is, a stupid question but…whens the deadline for this?


[size=2]It is on the bottom of the announcement, and was repeated here in this thread already (post #18) :thumbsup:[/size]
15 January 2007[size=2]


Another Quick Question: What exactly are we making? From what I understand, it is somewhat like a poster for the book/film.


Hello, I’m thinking about entering the Trailer section to do previz or full 3d animation blast, not sure about my time schedule.
Can I also enter the Illustration challenge to create sort of a movie-poster for the trailer done in Trailer Challenge. I think the answer is yes but the two concepts has to be unique ? So no use of same title logo and models … ?

Is it allowed to use free soundfiles available on the internet (sounddogs.com etc.) ? Of course it is much better to create it by myself or a team member … but anyway ?

thanks roman grin3d


Yep, what about thumbs?


May I suggest something… It would be cool to have a (sticky) thread where everybody could ask questions about Eon and where those able to do it will reply. I say that because it is a little difficult for personn which english language is not there own language to read all the inspiration page and understand all the distinction (must say I don’t have understand everything about singularity).

I find really intersting to make an illustration about a story. So I didn’t want just to do an sf illustration with a city or something else and not feet really the book.


I was thinking a little more along the lines of Bear saying “I didn’t give my permission to use my book” :slight_smile:


Originally posted by Mibus:

A: No. Please use the Challenge site facility to upload your Work-In-Progress.

Well… I’m trying to upload images and sketches but my “Eon thread” says that I cannot “atach images”

Hey tnx Notpill


You must upload your milestones in the challenge page here:


When are the first milestones due?


Hey mibus.
Going quickly through your answers on this thread made me realize that things aren’t the way I first realized them.
I didn’t read the book yet, but I went through the inspiration section and I immedietly knew what I’ll be generally doing, seeing as half the images there are about awesom massive scale detailed envierments. I thought of entering the 3d category and doing a massive envierment scene myself (just like last time). This will require me to render alot of different parts and passes seperately and then composite them. I just figured I’ll do it all in After effects this time instead of photoshop cause of the animation.

now I hear that you don’t encourage the post work and that the emphasys isn’t on the final image itself but more on just the modeling ? How can I make a whole futuristic city with emphasis only on the modeling ? I mean without all the effects and post work it just won’t be the same at all ! You require an image at print resolution as part of the final submission … how can anyone create a high end envierment stil at this resolution without alot of post work ? I’m going for a VERY detailed envierment which is going to be very challenging hardwarewise so post work is the key …
I gotta admit I’m a bit confused

This would mean that I probably need to switch to the illustration category to do what I wanna do but this is sort of against what your contests have allwais been about. Like you allwais said, 2D is very different from 3D and that is why these two catrgories have alwais been judged seperately, and to be honest, there has alwais been a BIG difference between the average quality of both categorys.

I hope I just mis-understood what you meant, please help me to better understand which way to go if I wanna go for a fully detailed 3d scene (which I dont mind animating).


I have to second zman’s thoughts…I’m also considering switching to the illustration category,although I’d be using the same methods as the last challenge where I entered the 3d section.

good to see the thumbnails :thumbsup:


Yes, thank you Mibus for fix thumbs issue:thumbsup:. Now I’m feel at home again.


Hi There, How Can I Erase An Image I Have Already Posted.
This Is Because I Am Umloading Several Different Squetches, And I Understand Noew, That I Can Only Upload Se Same Image, Only In Differente Steps Of Production?



within each milestone(concept/textures/modelling etc) I think you can upload as many images as you like.
the final image would probably be the exception


I’d like to know the answer to authentics question. Would it be possible to switch category if I later discover my entry would be better in the 3d scene category?
I find it really hard to know from the start if it could be animated or not.


authentic >>> im exactly agree with you…im looking for a place to ask my questions about the story as im not that fluent in english.Can we ask them here?? Is there anybody to answer?! anyway here is my question:
i want to know more about Naderites and Geshels… On which chapter i can find information about them? and in which champer do they live? and much more…


hey guys … which reminds me … when is the due date??? … i really wanna kno … pls pls