I believe that retouching/post production work is not only allowed but encouraged in all three categories.


Aha! I am dense!


Hi Robert. Yep, I´d like to know. How about the matte paintings?:slight_smile:

Thanks in advance and regards!


(i think i asked this earlyer, but i cant figure out where, sorry)

If i make a 2D Matte for the illustration challenge, and i join a team of people making a trailer, can we use the matte in the trailer?



What if you entered the Scene/Model category but meant to enter Illustration. I realize now what the difference is. Is there anyway to switch my entry over?


arturro: Some processing should be OK, but it’s really a showcase of the model, not your photoshop-post-processing skills :slight_smile:

Pyke: Everything has to be original

DanielWalsh: I don’t see why not.

Velarion: In the ‘Illustration’ category, certainly!

Nomad: No. Although you may enter multiple categories, the entries must be conceptually different.

cgoz: In the Illustration category, absolutely. Promoting a mixed 2D/3D workflow is one of the reasons we made the Illustration category what it is.

bombeu: The judging will be done on the animation (ie, turntable, rock, or flythrough) submitted. The emphasis in the 3D Scene category is on the model work, not the picture as a whole.

M31: Except in the 3D Scene category, yes. We want to see how well you can create a 3D representation of something, post-processing changes that.

CodeNothing: No. You must make something explicitly for the category you’re entering it for.


Composing own music for trailer is a bit tough requirement in my opinion - I mean many trailers out there are using music from Movies like “LotR” or “theRock” not mentioning about some band songs. If is a question of copyrights - wouldn’t be enough if we write them at the end of the trailer?

Seriously - making our own music gonna suffer in way lower trailer perception impact… but that just my opinion…


Wow. This is really a broad topic, and it seems like if you really want to do good, you’d probably have to get the book and do your own research there. It’s a really dedicated project…if only they would make it more specific like, “oh, draw a scenery from chapter 5”, or, “do the main character and his lads in a gigantic environment.”


Mibus: With regards to the 3D scene category, is the animation strictly limited to 4-8 seconds or are longer shots allowed? 8 seconds is a bit of a squeeze for what I have in mind.


We don’t require that you use music however, if you don’t think the trailer would benefit from the music you can add leave it out. Or, alternatively see if you can find a team mate who actually composes music.

You are welcome to make it longer, however remember that the animation component here is more to show off your models than animation, and would typically only be a camera move of some description.


Hi Mibus

I don’t quite get it…i didn’t even know of the existance of the book :blush:, but they say it is not nessesary to have read it (Of course I will)

…Are we supposed to recreate a scene already of the book or are we free to create based on the story a new tale?

For example if I participate in the creation of the trailer, Can I use one still of it to participate in the illustration or in the 3D Scene category or both?

If I can not find someone to work with in the team category, is it possible to work alone?

I am happy to see the Challenges going for a higher level, but I am afraid that the time could be so little, I mean, it sounds like a lot more work to do to create something convincible at least for the trailer entry. I say this because participating in Challenges means extra time of my work, I Understand that sacrifice is allways needed and that not everyone has the same schedule, but anyway I will do my best to get into it.



ahh…this is different to previous challenges where both 2d & 3d were about the final images,I think I better enter for illustrations too as I want to use postworked 3d to make a illustration

question: why are some of the 3d entrants labelled ‘3d scene’ & some labelled ‘3d model’



are there no thumbnails on the entries page this time? a big shame if so, as it makes it so much easier to see peoples updates, and also much more visually appealing.


I’m a bit confused-in the challenge introduction rules it says this:

3D Scene:
Your final entry requires an illustration plus a 4 - 8 second animation of your completed scene (not just a model).

but the way you put it, Robert, it can be just a model:


Entries should deal with the events, and themes of the book.

Whilst you may enter multiple categories, each entry must be a unique concept, thus a still from an animation, may not form the basis of an illustration entry.

Teams may be any number of people. From one to 1 million (or more). Realistically teams of 4 are optimum, that is what the prize pool accomodates for.


It can just be a model. However we require a video of your finished model to prove that it is in fact 3D, and to show off the 3dness of the model. Think of the animation as more of a camera move than a fully rigged character doing a polka.


thanks Anton


I also have some questions:
Is it ok to enter a game art (lowpoly) in “3d scene” category? If so, will there be limitations?
May I use my entry in other projects, specifically game?


@Mibus, thanks for correcting me on that. I guess the 3D scene/model category is confusing because it doesn’t fall into either the traditional category of still or full animation. So the judging focus will be on the quality of the modelling in this one? Whereas it is more story for the other two (illustration and trailer)?

Another question(s), this time about the trailer challenge:

Right now I am going solo in the trailer challenge. However, I would eventually like to have help in the music department. I wouldn’t expect anyone to want to commit to doing music for me until I produce visuals they find worthwhile. I am hoping to find a composer to join me in a month or so. I just want to make sure that this is okay.
Voice actors don’t have to be full team members/CG Talk members do they? I’ll probably just have a few people I know record a few lines for me.

Thank you to the administrators for organizing this awesome challenge and answering all our questions! :thumbsup:


M31: Yes, the judging on the 3D Scene (/ model) category will be less story-based and more based on technical excellence.

Waiting for new team members should be fine, though if they don’t have accounts then they can’t be officially pulled into the team. Think of it as crew vs. cast - crew members (modelers, animators, etc) have to have accounts and be officially included. Cast members - voice actors, regular actors, etc - don’t. (It’d be nice for them if you credited them in the short, of course :))

Mike-inel: That’s OK, but you’ll still be competing against people with a lot more polys