when are the results will be publicly announced?


Hi we was as curious as anyone so I mailed Robert and this is his answer.
It’s from february 6th. And thank you Robert for your quick answer!!!

Hi Peter,

We’re still in the process of getting the challenge entries ready to be
judged (there are a lot of changes compared to the last challenge!).
Official judging should begin around the end of this week. Normally
there is ~4-6 weeks between the end of the challenge and the results
being formally announced.



Hi, my work is not appearing on the eon illustration forum, but it does appear if I go to the “view entries” page. So, my question is if you already made a shortlist of the selected works to pick the winner (and I’m out of that :frowning: ) or is something else going on.

thanks for your help.


Renè, it is a matter of the default forum setting, I think.

Threads that haven’t been updated in the last 30 days disappear from view, unless you modify the ‘show thread from the last X days’ (quoting from memory) option


Thanks Thaldir, that did it. :slight_smile:


You’re welcome. :slight_smile:


The results will bw announced anytime now…i can smell it…:scream:


No matter how it goes, I sincerely hope you’re right…


I cant smell a thing :slight_smile:


Smell or not to smell - that is the question…


Something smelly this way comes…


Kewl - Hours, days or weeks?

Or, are you busy watching the cricket?!


Days. I don’t fancy the cricket much, actually. I mostly just watch sci-fi stuff on TV. (Heroes / Stargate / Smallville).


i wonder what the result will be


Mibus…don’t keep us on hot coals like this…

…Dares not hope…


My wife and I just copped a full season of FireFly and the Serenity DVD, why ohh why did they cancel that show. One of my favorite sci-fi adventures.


Days hmmmmm…
Will it be before the weekends? :slight_smile:


Gotta love that Heroes. And results. This feels like the calm before the storm…


…and your from SA?..

…don’t blame you I would rather watch paint dry!..(and I’m an expat Aussie!)

…I can see which of you guys don’t have kids - scifi nutters! I wish I could still indulge…

…does anyone remember Blake 7?..great stories dinky english Dr Who like props…looks terrible now but fantastic to grow up with…


does anyone remember Blake 7?.

Yep, there were 3 starships that drove my imagination as a youngster, The Enterprise, Battlestar Galactica and the Liberator from blakes 7…It wobbled a bit once it reached lightspeed, but it was a a real stunner regardless, very organic exterior and interior aswell…

Great to hear the results are near, never have i had such interest in an artwork three months after completion, would be nice to put this one to rest :).

Great competiton again and best of luck to everyone^^.