Hey, thanks. So-the final image submission should remain under 150 kb size?



Unless you’re doing a TIFF Final Submission, yes.


I managed to upload final render pic with quite nice quality - and it’s only 148 kb :slight_smile:
ImageReady is the best !

Thanks, Mibus!

Is there any option that i/other contestants/ can upload animation later than tonight 12.00?

I am not sure that i can finish and compose all passes tonight :slight_smile:

I know that my request is silly and i should have been dealing with my rendering matters earlier…

But since that is my first BIG project, i just didnt figure how difficult it is to finish…



ill support taavi in the extenden period for the animation … if i manage to render any that will be without Raytracing and that will suck big time for me so just a day or two to render a nice animation with raytracing also thres so many entries unfinished including mine :sad:


me too! i hope this will extend 2 more days… its also my first to do a big scene and encounter a lot of rendering issues… im currently rendering now and been 4 hours and not yet finish…:sad: i have to render the animation afterwards with 2 pass… if i will include the hair it will be impossible for me to finish on time. some are fortunate to have a good machine


Hi Mibus,:slight_smile:
Is there a limited size for the animation upload, I mean when I tried upload 2mb+ FLV file, the status bar freeze at 100% and no pop up message saying “upload OK”, I have to downsize(quality) under 2mb otherwise I am not able to upload the finished video, why is that?:sad:



Hi Mibus,

A while ago I posted a problem about how my 3d video entry was alot bigger than the original I submitted. Looks like you fixed it. Thanks for this.


This submit contains animation which is low quality because I didn’t know we had to have animation too.So in a hurry I animated my scene to show that my work was done in 3d.The project is multi 3d layers but because of lack of time I could render animate the foreground only.The problem was that my work was vertical but horizental 3-4 encoding was needed.It seems that there is no need for tiff format submission in this part of challenge.please let me know if I got it wrong.:shrug:

Play Video >>


ChallengeUploader its not work i received :“sun.net.ftp.FtpProtocolException: PORT :500 Illegal PORT command, EPSV ALL in effect”

help pleace


When posting final image, do you post a large full size image, or are yo ustill constrained to the 150 kb file size??


We need some support here :deal:

It looks like my final is gonna be without raytrace no only de animation it sucks


i managed to reduce the size under 150 kb if using Adobe’s ImageReady. The quality & image size are excellent. ( my work for example: 1300x821 pix, 148 KB and no considrable jpg artefacts )


i cant convert quicktime movie to flv with riva help!


I cant connect to challenge.cgnetworks.com?? help


I have converted QT file to FLY by Riva, can you give more details?:slight_smile:


Nazirull: You’re going to need to be more specific…

didzis: TIFFs can be as large as you like.

FREEBUG: Check you’re not behind too restrictive a firewall, and not running too old a Java.

adel3d: Looks OK to me :). It doesn’t need to be flashy animation, just something to show off that it’s 3D.

alvin-cgi: There is no specific limit, it may just be having random corruption issues?


I think you are fine, my work was vertical as well. :slight_smile:
Yes, no print version needed like last challenge, only JPG for final, I was also confused, spent most of the time on HiRes tiff rendering…:slight_smile:

Edit: oops, looks like you already got an answer.:slight_smile:


[QUOTE=Mibus]adel3d: Looks OK to me :). It doesn’t need to be flashy animation, just something to show off that it’s 3D.QUOTE]

Thanks Mibus, :slight_smile:
Sounds good, I dont really need to “force” myself trying upload 2mb+ quality flv.:thumbsup: Thanks.


Having problems trying to convert my avi to flv! Someone help! It’s coming out all greenish in color.


Hi Mibus!I’ve uploaded mu final TIFF and I made a mistake.I’ve named it 807248_1412122.zip…
It had to be 80724_1412122.zip.
I did an 8 to much in the first pair of numbers.
Is that a real problem?
I’m reloading it with the right name, right now, but if it might happen it isn’t in in time is my first TIFF ok?
Thank you very much!!!