The same page you got the FTP info :slight_smile:


I copied the URL of the page when I did my ftp upload, but can’t seem able to view the image I uploaded. A little more detail on how to get there maybe?

edit: hmm ok I see what you said now, I guess maybe my upload didn’t go through. *curses my slow dial up connection and the lack of any other connection available in my area


ok I uploaded again, and when I hit refresh to view the image I get the following message, my ftp program says transfer successful and complete so it is there somewhere, I just don’t know how to view it I guess.

[b][i]You have not yet uploaded a final image for this challenge



Sorry for the runaround, Ivy, that was actually my fault :blush:


Sorry for the runaround, Ivy, that was actually my fault :blush:

lol, hey hey I needed that running around calorie burning excercise anyway
It is there now, thanks a bunch for the help Mibus


I was also under the impression that a Print res still image was part of the requirements for 3D Scene… no matter, I usually make these kind of images hi-res anyway. My Video turned out alot darker than I thought it would tho.


Oh men!! I think instructions in eon main page are very misleading! I thought the same as many other people I had to make illustration (300 dpi hi res) + animation.

This can be created with any tools you like - 2D & 3D.


3D Scene:
Your final entry requires an illustration plus a 4 - 8 second animation of your completed scene (not just a model). (…)

but my main question is :
• Final Render - 4 seconds - JPG (online) &
• 4-8 Second Animation (via CGUploader)

I have to upload 4 second animation someware on the web and post a link?? ( in any format?? )
can it be youtube f.e.?
can final render animation (online) and 4-8 second animation (via CGUploader) be the same video??

What’s the difference between upload via cguploader and final render (especially when those animations differ)??



If you can point out something in particular that’s misleading, I can change it. It’s not anybody’s intention to mislead you :slight_smile:

but my main question is :
• Final Render - 4 seconds - JPG (online) &
• 4-8 Second Animation (via CGUploader)

A really good example! The “4 seconds” shouldn’t be there, I’ve removed it from the live copy. You need to supply a final render (still) JPEG, and a 4-8 second animation through CGUploader. You do not need to upload two animations :slight_smile:


Thank you !!!

I read this sentances

This can be created with any tools you like - 2D & 3D.

3D Scene:
Your final entry requires an illustration plus a 4 - 8 second

And I understand it this way : make an illustration (with all it’s milestones- hi res print TIF etc) + make animation.
Maybe placing so close two words of “illustration” in so differend meaning is unfortunate . I guess this wasn’t only my problem so I point it out



OK, I can see how that could be confusing. I’ve changed it to say “still image” instead of “illustration”.



Hi there Mibus,

Looks like I completely misunderstood the instructions when I started this and I SHOULD have been in the illustration section, not the 3D, since the only tool I have to use is Vue and there’s no way I can match the modelling of other systems. I’ve been enjoying making the city etc, but I know where my limits are.

To that end, how can I change category? I’ve seen a number of others ask this, but I haven’t seen a response yet, or if there has been one I’ve been blind and missed it.

Sorry if this is a repeat…


Since all of the WIP categories are different, there’s no way to automatically change categories. Just post a note in your thread explaining what you’re doing, then enter the competition again in the correct category. Re-post at least one image per milestone, upload a final image, and you should be fine :slight_smile:


Hey, I’ve uploaded my final, the transfer was succesfull, also no error on the page I’ve got the ftp, but I can’t see any image…I keep hiting refresh…how long does it take to be processed?

I can only see the following text under Image status:
"If this image is not correct, try the “Refresh Image” button below. If that does not work, try uploading it again!"


Hey Mibus,

I have been trying to upload my video for the 3d model challenge . I am using the Challenge uploader but when I hit the upload button to upload the flv file nothing happens . The status bar remains at 0%. I couldn’t find a 3d model Video category in the category section, could this be causing the problem.

Any info on this.


I spent my whole evening trying to reupload…I can’t see any bloody thumbnail…:frowning: Tho everyhting seems to have worked well…but no thumb…:frowning:

EDIT: Don’t tell me noone is around here to help in the weekend…come on :smiley: Time is ticking



I have another question, I did get the video uploaded to the 3d challenge section but the video gets enlarged. I did the video at 400x300 but when it gets uploaded , the video that you see is the larger 640x480. This makes the video look very poor, in the guidelines I think it says the video size can range from 320x240 to 640x480 . Is the larger 640x480 the only size that we can upload, I didn’t see an area where we can select the size of the video.
When I play the video in the standalone flv player it plays at the correct size. If you can give me any advise on how to correct this it would be appreciated.


Ok so nothing works for me…i’ve wasted the whole day trying to make the thumbnail appear…nothing…am I gonna miss this challenge because of server issue? Seems noone is here to help.

The tif is rgb, no other channels, no compression, inside a ZIP made with winzip…im out of ideas…help me out here, im going nuts


May be a silly question, but…

Where the making-off article should go? Should it be a regular post on the entry thread, or there is an special place where it should be uploaded? I am talking about Illustration category.

I tryed to search this thread, and all EON related places on cgtalk, but couldn’t find an answer… :shrug:


I might be wrong on this, but as I interpreted it, the making-of article is a post-judging requirement for the winners and runner-ups, not a step of the contest proper…
IMO, if someone wins a prize, that someone must submit a making-of article (so better have it ready, just in case) but it is not required from all the contestants, and as such, no place to upload it.

At least, that is how I read this:
All winners are required to write ‘making of’ articles accompanied with high-resolution Work In Progress stills, to be eligible for prizes.

Please, correct me if I have it wrong.


Yes, only the winners must write that, after the competition ends.

I’ve managed to get my thumb finaly! :smiley: I don’t know what I did, but it worked somewhow lol

YAY :smiley: