I use Filezilla for my FTP needs, hope it will help you as well.


Sorry if this has been asked already, I don’t have the time to read every page of this thread.

In the instructions for the SCENE entry, it says the final render is 4 seconds… I thought the final render was a still and then a 4-8 second animation was done as well. Could someone clear this up for me please?



You need both.


Thanks for that. Just to get this clear,

I need both, meaning : - A Final render as a Still, hi resolution image
- a 4-8 animation, max 640x480

and that it all?



Those, plus all of the earlier WIP milestones for the category you’re entering.


I’ve uploaded my final image and put it in a zip file. When I upload it to the ftp site I don’t get an image no image icon and when I click on it I get this…

Warning: fopen(challenge14/tmp/247029_1412440.ZIP.JPG): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/httpd/vhosts/server5.cgnetworks.com/httpdocs/challenge/get_img.php on line 11

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/httpd/vhosts/server5.cgnetworks.com/httpdocs/challenge/get_img.php:11) in /home/httpd/vhosts/server5.cgnetworks.com/httpdocs/challenge/get_img.php on line 12

Warning: fpassthru(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/httpd/vhosts/server5.cgnetworks.com/httpdocs/challenge/get_img.php on line 13

What is going on?


hey buddy! … umm … i think there might have been a problem uploading the file itself …

why dont u try bulletproof FTP … i’ve uploaded my file using this software n its works perfectly fine … no probs at all … everything is right in front u … so its really easy to understand … u can get the software at


hope this helps ya …

if u still face problems after using the software, u must send an email to Robert Mibus asap! at [b]


[/b]good luck dude! :thumbsup:

god bless!


The file was named a bit weird (xxxx_yyyy.zip.zip instead of just xxxx_yyyy.zip) and it only made it half-way through the processing system.

I’ve updated the system so it handles it better.


I’ve uploaded the short model animation to may gallery but it doesn’t show up on my challenge page - is that the way it should work?
If not, how do I upload it in the right place?


I don’t know how, but my first entry was posted again… and I don’t know how to delete it.


OK - got it, I used the wrong Uploader.


I learned the final imge must be a tif format ,I want to know will the tif 16bit can be accepted.The bit have more details and colors.


hey all,

little question,
i was planned to make the early deadline, and now i have it almost finished. But since the extended deadline, i have the ability to redo the background and add some detail to the foreground to make it a little bit better (mostly refining the bump-map and adding small details like rocks and dirt and such).

Now the problem is, do i need to rerender the foreground for the animation with the tweeked detail?

It might not be too obvious, but the render already took a huge long time to render. I’ll already need my time to render the high res 7.5k image and the new background for the animation which is 192 frames.



ZhuLi: You can try it and see if it works, I haven’t tested it specifically.

Nothingness: Surely you can render just the new stuff and composite it over the old?


Hey Mibus,

i can render the new small details as a new layer, but when i redo bump maps i got to render a lot more.

Unless the animation doens’t need to be at a high quality/sampling ?

at the moment i’m rendering at 1000*666 pixels (gonna scale the final one) at a sampling of min and max 2 to avoid flicker when playing. Scaling this res down gives another sort of oversampling.
(i know i’m nuts rendering it so high, but it’s the way i am. I’m trying a 7,5k render of the still cause a 10k makes my app crash)



The quality is up to you. Max res of the animation is 640x480!


BIG DOUBT about 3d scene category.

Hi Mibus, I just finished my final still for this category (at least first try for that). I tried to upload final image but I was told by the system that there is no final image for 3d scene category!

  1. That means that I wasted 100hours for rendering my stuff in 5000px x 2000px ?

  2. That means that I wasted whole day of postproduction :slight_smile: ? as with the animation I won’t be able to do all “tricks”, only some of them. But of course I will try to make it as close to my final still as possible.

  3. Is there a border for postproduction here? for differences betwean animation and still? Perhaps I’m in the wrong category :slight_smile: but on the other hand almoust everything is in 3d and is renderable… Only final mood and touch is postproduction.

  4. does it mean that only (or mostly) the animation is being juried here?

  1. I guess. Where did you read that you needed a full-res image? I’ll have to get it fixed! You can at least downsample it to have a nice crisp “final image” JPEG, or use it on your portfolio.

  2. Your still image will still get shown, alot!

  3. Not really, but if you do too much it might look odd (going from the still to the animated render)

  4. No, judges have access to everything about your entry.


Thanks Mibus, Final Render sound similar to Final Image that is why I made it 300dpi and quite big :slight_smile:

Of course this time is not wasted, I just wrote it in the context of time left and work to bo done on animation.

One question/ask though… is it possible that in 3d scene category final render had smaller kb limit? so that the quality of it can be better? For example I wanted to show 1280 wide (as wide as possible) but there is no way to make it 150kb with nice quiality.

best wishes

or perhaps make for 3d scene category similar upload of final still image, for example with restrictions of 1280x1024 but with no kb limit (or 1600x1200 or whatever). New submited final would rewrite last submietted one - as it is in illustration.


quick question: I uploaded my .tif file and wondering where I can view it to check and see if it uploaded ok. I am on dial up so takes forever and a day to upload a huge file and prefer to be able to check and make sure it went through ok. Thanks :slight_smile: