Sorry my bad…tsk im always jumping into things…tsk. Hope things will change back to normal…i mean with the challenge. :scream:


Some body can help me.
I do not know how to upload my final image in FTP.


I agree,this one doesn’t seem as busy as others & i’m very much missing the humorous …(shakes…where are ya?!) entries of old

…I bought & read the book & enjoyed the first half,but got lost half way through & started fast forwarding the story in search of descriptions of the environments.
while i thought this challenge would be ideal for me I’ve just had too much on my plate to commit any real time to it.
still…I’ll be looking forward to the next challenge with the hope of participating…with the prizes on offer aswell as all the people involved these are by far the best CG challenges around

good luck to all the entries:thumbsup:


I got a question that maybe was answered before but I didnt fine anything that make me sure.

What should I post in the Line Art Millstone in the illustration category if I do not use line art or 3D models?


maybe people were too lazy to read the book :smiley:


Friends, I am having problems trying to upload my final tiff image in FTP.
I just follow the intructions that are in the page (UPLOAD FINAL IMAGE), everuthing was ok, I am using FETCH software to upload the image, and I have thata te process was succesfull,but when i push the REFRESH image button nothing happens, i can´t see my file in the CGS server, and the status on the upload also says that I do not have uploaded a final imge.

Sme body can tell what do I need to do?


If things haven’t changed since the last time around… the FTP is “blind” so to speak, so even if your upload was successful, you won’t actually be able to see your file in the server-end of your FTP application. But if it reports that the transfer was successful, you can probably rest assured that it was.


I’ve uploaded my tiff via FTP as required, in theory the upload went well, but the thumbnail of the uploaded image looked strange, I clicked to see it better, and it seems my image was received like this:

One strip was cut from the right side and pasted on the left…I tried refreshing and uploading using a different client (the first one was Smart FTP, the second one AceFTP 3 Pro) but the thumb doesn’t change and I’ve no way to know if it’s the image that remains the same or simply the thumbnail that doesn’t refresh.
Can anyone help? I would really hate to be disqualified because of FTP problems…


I’ve fixed up the shifting-image problem, some odd ImageMagick issue. Anyone still seeing the issue should email me.

Reinaldo: Just submit any vaguely appropriate image. Maybe one of the later concept images?

alvin-cgi: http://features.cgsociety.org/challenge/eon/instructions.php

Video material must be submitted in 4:3 aspect with a maximum resolution of 640 x 480. If you wish to create 16:9 or other wide format films then you will need to letterbox them into the 4:3 format.

As for the next challenge, no plans have yet been decided on. You can feel free to email me any feedback you have on why you have / haven’t joined in, how you feel about this challenge compared to previous challenges - in both theme and category changes.

Anyone still having upload problems should email me at robert@ballisticmedia.net


Thank you so much! :slight_smile:


Mibus or anybody,
please, tell me or give me link on good FTP sender download (also trial version), Because I want upload my final image and haven´t any FTP software. And answer as soon as posiblle, please! Thanks :slight_smile:



I used Smart FTP (trial)

Here’s the link:


Otherwise google ‘FTP client’, there are quite a few free ones.


I entered the “3d sence” .the final entry requires a 4-8second animation.i dont know output the (avi.mov…) or make the choice of pictures(jpg or tiff) .I should sumit the animation to where?online or ftp?how to sumti?thankyou.


I believe the ‘instructions’ page can give you the answer:

http://features.cgsociety.org/challenge/eon/instructions.php .

Scroll down, it gives instructions for the upload of the 3d scene and trailer. No FTP but you have tt download a program to ancode and the CGChallenge uploader to upload (link provided).


Hey guys, I have still problems with uploading files to challenges. so please tell me if it is correct uploaded, when I see this, thanks:


It looks correct to me.
To be absolutely sure, click on the thumbnail, you will see a bigger image of your entry. check that for any strange things like pieces missing or parts cut off one side and pasted on the other.
If the image look like it should, the upload went well.:slight_smile:


Hi everybody , we are partecipating to the trailer challenge and using real people as actors, so we need to supply release forms for them to appear in the trailer.
Does someone know if a specific form module is needed and if it’s downloadable from somewhere? We would also need to know where to send these forms: as a normal challenge submission milestone or to some other specific address?

Thanks in advance…

ThE-ShiFT team


hey whats this?? 21 days left (submit entry)? How can that be? Was the time extended? That would be great!

edit: okay thx, found my answers:bounce:


I have the same question - is it really time was expanded ???


It was.