Mr. Hunt,
I do understand your concern, and I do respect the wonderful work of the 3d modelers (I took a course in Lightwave and I have Animation: Master) But this challenge is open to 2d work as well. You see, that is my point. The challenge wasn’t open for 3d modelers alone, or 3d artists alone. It was open to the CG community. We all have our strengths and weaknesses.
Respectfully Yours

P.S. Mr. Hunt I viewed your gallery and you do fantastic models … especially in blender and as a new modeler, if I understand. The lighting was wonderful and I liked the basic simplicity of the teacup. Oh … what a treat the cookies were. I respect your work greatly.


The FTP uploads are now open, check out the “Submit Final Image” page.


bonim - In a previous post you mentioned that models were not available to you, if you go to CG talk, then anatomy area, then workshops link you will find there are models that will pose via request . There is everything you need on this site to do an original cg painting,3d rendering, or learn to do one. One of the reasons I love this site is they stress originality. I, personally have struggled with my own Eon entry, attempting to paint my first human subject. If I had available to me the use of Poser , Bryce and they were allowed it would not make me push myself to create, learn and better any skills I may have. When you work traditionally pre-made people and things are generally not available, painting on the pc is the same as painting traditionally, except for lack of messy paint, chalk , etc. I think if you challenge yourself painting on the pc you will find it very satisfying and come to love it and appreciate all the work that goes into creating a piece starting from a line drawing or concept and building it pixel by pixel. I hope this post does not sound disrespectful , I just want you to explore the whole site and see what is available and be as amazed as I am by the help and learning oportunities that are available here and to see how willingly the experts help out.


your suggestion is wonderful. I will explore further. Thank you very much. :slight_smile:


Confirmed, that seems to have done the trick.



I really need an answer for these, Thanks!


Aaron, the captions and collages you’ve suggested sound fine. I would probably stay away from using a celebrity’s likeness, I’m not quite sure of the legal ramifications. (Also, you want to be original! Why copy something, even if it’s someone real’s face :))


Thank you so much!! I needed that :smiley:


I hear you … and you have seen what I’ve done with traditional models and references. I never ment to use Poser as a cheat … but as a “photo” reference then create the final image on my own. With my hopeful knowledge of anatomy, I would fix the flaws in the Poser models. Even the highest end models aren’t “perfect” in Maya or 3d Max … At least that is my goals and the reason I baught the program in the first place. Let me know if you find and can use the books I suggested in the Anatomy forums. :slight_smile:


Hey Mibus.
Just want to ask to make sure: Are we, trailer folks, free of FTP for this challenge? So we just need to upload final trailer via video uploader as final milestone? Thank you for your answer.


Yes. If you try to get to the final image stuff, it will complain that only the Illustration category is accepted for the Final Image :slight_smile:


Are there anymore animation challenges planned for the future? I really enjoyed working on this one.


hi Mibus! :scream:

i want to clarify something …

for the zip file …

do i have to use the filename that was given in the FTP information box ?

thanx! :smiley:


Yes, that’s why it’s given :slight_smile:

The TIFF inside can be named anything, but the ZIP must be named as it is given to you.


hehe :slight_smile: … thanx dude :scream:

thats what i wanted to know …

god bless!


"3D scene - Still and 4-8 second renders."

hi Mibus! :scream:

I can’ remember where I read it from… and can’t remember what size of the renders(animation) need to be, the resolution and does it need textures on?



Isnt this the quietest CGChallenge ever?


I dunno about ever, but it certainly seems like the quietest one in many years. Certainly not as boisterous (or fun) as the last several. With less than 3 weeks to go, it’ll be interesting to see how many final entries there will be compared to last time.

I suspect that because the “price of admission” this time 'round was reading an entire novel, that turned some people off because the couldn’t just start working on something right away and there was less early momentum. Others I know read the book and just didn’t feel inspired. And I think some like the freedom of being able to do any kind of entry: Fantasy, classical, humor… (I greatly miss doing the funny pieces. No matter how well this one goes for me, this won’t be going in my portfolio, which is more silly stuff.) And lastly, I think some could have been turned off by the rights-to-the-image addendums in the rules.

As much as this is a nice change (and I do love Greg Bear’s work,) I hope we’ll get back to doing Challenges in the former open-ended style next time around. Any plans that far out, Robert?




Youre right…im not sure about ever…too…been here for only a few CGchallenges.

I have thought of the factors that youve pointed out before and i do indeed think that those are the reason behind little participation in this one.

Personally I in this challenge because I like the challenge of visualising something that has never been visualised before…or maybe not as much as the others. I like to play Peter Jackson or Alan Lee with the LOTR. The fun of seeing these thing materialise is a joy…if ever im gonna finish that is.

Personally i think that particularly when it comes to doing something extra in a CGchallenge, extra time should be given for the participant to be able to digest the material. I have not finished the book yet so my illustration would be not as deep (if i can execute it well enough) as someone who finished the book (just a point not an excuse :D).

I find previous CGChallenges to be much more diverse and the theme is quite unversal. Like what you have said, mike.
But the judging i think can be a pain. For Eon, i think its gonna be pretty straight forward…(just a minions’ two cents).

Well see in 3 weeks! :slight_smile:


Personally i think that particularly when it comes to doing something extra in a CGchallenge, extra time should be given for the participant to be able to digest the material.

Well, in all fairness, I think they did add in extra time. The last Challenge was 3 months, this one is 3 and a half. And that’s up from 2 or 2-and-a-half when I first started doing the challenges (if memory serves, which it may not.) But I’m pretty certain that this is the longest Challenge in a while.

but I do agree with you about previous Challenges being more open to our own personal world-building and imagination.