i wonder what the result will be


Mibus…don’t keep us on hot coals like this…

…Dares not hope…


My wife and I just copped a full season of FireFly and the Serenity DVD, why ohh why did they cancel that show. One of my favorite sci-fi adventures.


Days hmmmmm…
Will it be before the weekends? :slight_smile:


Gotta love that Heroes. And results. This feels like the calm before the storm…


…and your from SA?..

…don’t blame you I would rather watch paint dry!..(and I’m an expat Aussie!)

…I can see which of you guys don’t have kids - scifi nutters! I wish I could still indulge…

…does anyone remember Blake 7?..great stories dinky english Dr Who like props…looks terrible now but fantastic to grow up with…


does anyone remember Blake 7?.

Yep, there were 3 starships that drove my imagination as a youngster, The Enterprise, Battlestar Galactica and the Liberator from blakes 7…It wobbled a bit once it reached lightspeed, but it was a a real stunner regardless, very organic exterior and interior aswell…

Great to hear the results are near, never have i had such interest in an artwork three months after completion, would be nice to put this one to rest :).

Great competiton again and best of luck to everyone^^.



Hey Marley,

I am having flashbacks about that episode (final one?) with the superquick android clone (can’t remember the names of the characters anymore).

I have been in Nelson the last two days - I would have looked you up except I finally found out where Golden Bay is! D’oh! that will teach me to be from Oz - I blame it on my parents!


Whenever Heroes is on I just stick him on the computer :thumbsup:


Actually, I have two little ones, 1 and 2, with a third on the way.

Once they’re in bed and actually asleep, I spend some time with my wife then we each watch our own TV / read our own books. (Normally 10PM or later).

I’ve stopped watching a lot of TV I used to, though, and have nearly entirely given up my major hobby (coding and just generally messing about on the computer).


Oh, congrats! Yeah having a baby in the house really changes a lot.


Thanks :slight_smile:

I really love it, especially when they’re old enough to talk, but not old enough to talk back :wink:

Losing all the “me” time really sucks, but I definitely think it’s worth it.


Yeah he always says “Yes I can!!” now whenever I tell him he can’t do something. It’s cute when he says it out of context like he wants to play outside and I say “It’s too dark and cold” and then he says “Yes I can!!”. Hehe.


Rachael’s catchphrase seems to be “I do it myself”, and variants thereof; “I walk myself”, “I eat myself”, “I bath myself”, etc.

Claire is at the “Dadada” phase, she knows four words - “Dadada” (Daddy), “Nana” (Mummy), “Nana” (Banana), “Dayr” (Claire).


FWIW I just read through the latest draft of the ‘Winners’ article. I’m looking forward to the release of the article, I’m really proud of what everybody has managed to achieve.

This isn’t a promise of any kind, but I imagine the article will be made available next week.


Yap, congratz!But after 3, you better stop Mibus:D

Me having 3 too, and 2 of them start talking back.:twisted::smiley:
The last one, 2 years and 3 months is a real little devil too.And she likes to draw over daddy’s doodles with big red marker’s…hu,hu…:argh::rolleyes::smiley:

By the way ,what’s “me” time?LOLLLL,ha,ha…
Totally stopped watching TV to do my things in the really rare “me” time.
But indeed,you’re right ,it’s so worth it!!!
My children help me a lot staying a kid, and that’s gold!!!

By the way, Can’t wait the next challenge to have a “me time” excuse again…lolll… and to be with you guys ofcourse:D


Hey, I’m number 4 of 6! If my parents had stopped at 3, where would I be? The world would be one Theresa lighter…

I’m looking forward to seeing the results, even though I haven’t been participating or really writing much at all, I’ve been a silent lurker and I think the winning will be a photo finish type result–a few people are neck and neck. It will be a toughie to judge.

Rob–Are you bringing up your kids with a wacom in their hands? If not, you know what you need to be doing!

P.S…Any idea when the next challenge will be?? :smiley:


Ha,ha Paperclip, me just joking…And soon I’ll start N°4 anyway,ha,ha, so you would be in:D


ha ha congrats on the third on the way Mibus

Kids are so funny :smiley:

My wife and I just copped a full season of FireFly and the Serenity DVD, why ohh why did they cancel that show. One of my favorite sci-fi adventures.

I wonder the same thing Terro, I LOVE that show and try to keep from watching the episodes too much since there are not many of them :slight_smile:


I cannot remember any superquick clones for the final im sorry, i do rememeber 99% percent of the seven being gunned down in the final moments however.

BUGGER haha, yea golden bay is more than a 10 minute walk from Nelson unfortunately, about an hours drive made 2 because of an 800mtr hill…no worries, i was thinking of going to Armageddon in christchurch, so we could catch up then…is dunedin far from “The Church”?

love to join in the conversation of siblings but alas, i am an only child…which suits me fine :D.