Eon - Closing Soon!



Remember to Digg it so everybody knows who won! :thumbsup:


FANTASTIC! Finally we get the results (and quite flashy too) Thanks very much robert congratulations to the winners,

my focus of course the 2d section and it was a real test of patience to get there on a 56k modem :stuck_out_tongue: and really, no suprises there, I don’t mind bowing out to their talent displayed at all :D…The format is great, i’ll be in the next challenge for sure…

Hats off to everyone who participated, met some great people here…

on a side note, to see gregs feedback and the judges is a cool thing for sure…That should stay too.

have a good one everyone



Official Announcement Thread


A big loud applaud to all the winners and their magnificent works! Im happy to see my favorite image won and cant wait to see what the next challenge will bring :slight_smile: cya all there!


…congrats to all…

…great experience…

but most importantly…how long till next challenge?


The next challenge is in pre-planning, but let’s take a few days to bask in the warm glow of winning entries first :slight_smile:


“The next challenge is in pre-planning…” hehe, you don´t stop working. Cool:thumbsup:

One question, sorry but I don´t know the meaning of “Digg”. I clicked the button but I don´t know the meaning of this term haha.:smiley:


Ok, I just discover today what “Digg” is:)


Any news on the up-comming challenge?

Don’t take it the wrong way. I can hardly imagine the amount of work you guys puts in challenges like the past ones, but it sure would be exciting if a new one was close :slight_smile:


No news. Things are still in the earlier* stages, but progressing smoothly so far.

  • Depending on how you define “earlier”. :slight_smile:


No news. Things are still in the earlier* stages, but progressing smoothly so far.

  • Depending on how you define “earlier”. :slight_smile:

Mobius one might think you were dropping a hint of some sort.

It might has something pre-historic to it.


After a CGChallenge like Eon, u guys deserve a break…but dont ferget to come back! :beer:


Will there be another trailer catagory? The last one seemed to be extremely popular.


Hmm… I liked the old contests better :slight_smile:
Thought EON was confusing :smiley:

Sounds cool :slight_smile:

Might be reading a bit to much into it, but it would be a cool subject though :wink:


Any news on the next challenge?


Not yet :slight_smile:


what about now ? :slight_smile:


how about now??

:*) Soon i hope. I just got a new iMac and I want to rape it with this new contest.

sooner the better! cant wait guys!


Just finished all my exams, packed up, ready for the summer! Right about now would be a perfect time to start the challenge. Actually, this weekend would be just about ideal. How about it? :slight_smile:


See now this is why you should all read my blog :wink: