Eon - Closing Soon!



The Eon challenge is closing really soon - everybody, please make sure your entries are submitted and complete.

To be eligible for judging, you must make sure that you complete all of your required milestones. Entrants for the Illustration category must also submit a print-resolution TIFF file via FTP.

Trailer and Model entrants must have submitted a “Final” FLV file.

The cutoff is the end of the 31st of January*. If you have any questions or problems, please post in the FAQ thread. If you have any other comments about the challenge, you can direct them to me (robert@ballisticmedia.net).

Good luck everyone!

(* The deadline has been extended, as we realise that many people are only just returning from Christmas and New Years breaks)


Thank you!! how come we havent got notice via email?


lol now i am completely confused. i took 3 days off from work to finish my challenge to find this now :stuck_out_tongue: this is official, is it?



Sheesh I might actually be able to get it done now… heh.


Wow, thank you! Really really greattt!


Very official. We knew that many of you wanted more time, especially with the deadline so soon after the break. If you’re finished, just look at it as more time to polish :slight_smile:

I’m sending the emails today.


So whens the next challenge ? :wink:


Let’s not even talk about that until this one has finished :slight_smile:


Yeah, too early to look forward to the next Challenge… some of us are still trying to claim our prizes from the Challenge! :smiley:


tonsa thanks! yay, so no speedpainting finish then nuf time to bring it to a clean final yayness weeeness and all nesses i can think off, tonsa thanks :slight_smile:


If we already submited the final JPG and TIf, can we now work on them some more and re-submit the polished verions?


Thanks Mibus, we all appreciate this generosity:thumbsup:…




Does anyone know when the winners will be announced?


No. Typically, it’s 2-4 weeks after the close of the challenge.


It was said that the deadline was extended but i cant join the challenge? Isn’t there anything that can be done?
Please, i just came back from holidays…


Sorry man…its closed…the dateline was on the 31st january. Obviously its way too late to do anything now.


I see, ok, nevermind. next time then…


Hello Mibus,

8 weeks ago and i think everybody to feel keenly. Please tell us where we can see results of this event?


I agree to When when I??? :bounce::bounce::rolleyes: