EON CGChallenge winners


Hi there,

Now online are the results of the 20th CGChallenge! See the winners work in not only images, but also in animations and live action film trailers, with immense CG and film effects.

Click on the image to go to the Winners feature story and feel free to post a comment here.


Congratulations to everybody involved - I’m so impressed with the outstanding work you’ve all achieved!

I hope we get you all back for Challenge XXI :slight_smile:


Good lord, that winning trailer is amazing. :surprised And it’s so cool to see JamesMK finally get an award, just an amazing job. Can’t really say much more than sheesh! Congrats to all the winners, stunning work.


wow :o congrats to winners ! :bounce:


Congradulations to everyone who entered and especially to the winners…

This was the first time we added animation and film trailer categories and allowed teams to enter. These are both very hard categories that involve a lot more work than previous challenges…

We were totally blown away by the amazing work submitted. The winning trailers are auesome!!! I am sure that they will atract significant work for the winners :slight_smile:



Good gods.:surprised

Impressive to say the least. Much congratulations! All the catergories were phenomenal.


The first place winning trailer is filthy! I mean feature film filthy. I just wonder how many thousands of hours went into that piece.


Congrats to everybody :slight_smile:


well done, congrats to all the winners :slight_smile:



The 1st place winner for the trailer is just…WOW! That’s all I can think of. All great works! Congrats!


These are spectacular - great work people!

Those of you with Digg accounts, don’t forget to help make these people famous and digg the article :slight_smile:


Congratulations everyone. That winning trailer is really impressive :thumbsup:


Holy atomic brussel sprouts, Batman!

Congrats to all who participated, and to the organizers of this behemoth event.
Indeed mindblowing stuff in the trailer category - that is some hardcore stuff!

Yay! (have to break out one of the boingers: :bounce: )


AWESOME WORK EVERYBODY! Congratulations on winning and finishing this milestone.


Congrats to all the winners,such great works.


Congrats to all winners, and especially to JamesMK WHOUUUUUUUHOUUUU :bounce: for the 3Dmodel ! :thumbsup:
Hope we can get together for the next challenge.

My personnal congrats to Alvin Tea, Angel Nieves and Remko Troost ! top notch guyz !


Congratulations everyone and specially to the winners.


Great work. Congratulation to winners :]

uncle hrum


Some of my favorites has won:bounce: - special congrats to you! . But I’m also surprised as usual :wink:

Greg Bear: [i]“Great concept and music. Beautiful execution.”

… next time need to make things beyond requirements to win ! it turned out that music counted!!:twisted:
Maybe this would be next addon to reqs?? of course if 3d scene stays



Amazing sci-fi works, congratulations to the winners!