Eon (3D Scene) Entry: ZhuLi


This has been a very challenging competition, and one which I thoroughly enjoyed as I have learnt so much from it. Now is the time I would like to shall share the fruits of my labour, so we can discuss and advance together.

Firstly, I would like to introduce you to some background information and the design involved in my project. According to official sources, I was aware that this city is plentiful in water supply; so an idea came to me: designing the city in the mould of gigantic lotus pond. I have married bionic techniques with modern machinery in my design (like you have seen). Because this city is an axis city, so I distribute all its elements in a circular fashion. The biggest cylindrical machinery can open up like a lotus, and disperse crystal like objects, just like a living organism. I wish to give the future world a touch of liveliness, not just lifeless gadgets. It’s clearer in my animation; that the cylindrical structure is the city’s main source of energy. Through a main bridge and few smaller bridges, it is responsible for sending information, power and some transportation. The tall “Lotuses” are the main features of the city, and the scattered square structures enhance the compactness of the city. These smaller structures are also delicately designed as can be seen. On the materials, I have used UV expansion and drew up 2048*2048 placard charts to ensure a fine texture. As for the lighting, I have tried to show how the light expands from the horizon and gradually engulfing the darkness of the city as dawn arrives. This is a scene I have became fairly familiar with recently as I usually work through the night and am always amongst the first people to embrace a new dawn. I use the maya software in rendering with the GI_joe.I outputed many passes to adjust easyly.I used Photoshop and Combustion in composition.I have focused on the contrast in colours, the contrast between brightness and darkness, and adjusted the shade and tone, which all helps to enhance the impact of the lighting on the overall atmosphere. I hope you like it


I made it in 1280*935.










Because the deadline is extend,I have much time to sorted out the work and share with others.


Because the deadline is extend,I have much time to sorted out the work and share with others.


Because the deadline is extend,I have much time to sorted out the work and share with others.






I use the file texture manager to setup the bot file.It’s helpful to save the memory.meanwhile,the files are bigger.


My 8seconds animation.hope you like it.


hope you like it and give more suggestions.


Hey ZhuLi, your modeling and texturing skills are very good indeed, and your final image is very interesting… but, as you asked for comments, I have a few, that in my opinion, could increase your final work:
First of all… I don’t know if this final image, is really your final, but I don’t think you can present several frames of the animation… I think that you must choose only one that best illustrates your idea!
Then, don’t get me wrong, but in my opinion, your best update was your post number 5. In there, we could see and better understand all your magnificent structures… and let me tell you that even the all ambience and colours were much better and clean then in your last update. I think that you’ve exaggerated a little in getting all the colours of the structures right… I dont know if I making myself clear… but here are some examples of what I’m saying, I hope they can help, somehow!





Or… I might be completely wrong :slight_smile: you decide!


claudio_jordao:Thank you for your advice. The still didn’t cut from animation. I didn’t do still and animation simultaneously. The still shows us details,but the animation shows a surrounding,we usually think much of senses in animation so won’t deal with a lot of details in the animation. And I was short of time on this project,that’s why I cost more time on the still. But I think you gave me a good advice,just thinking and process of dealing with animations r different, now the time is not a problem,I will try my best to do the animation better.On the other hand, I couldn’t open your link .


Hello ZhuLi, ok… I’m anxious for your next update :slight_smile:

I could find a way to post the images I was trying to show you, so, I advise you to go to www.gettyimages.com, and try to do a search for images with the words: cities, sunrise.
You’ll get an idea of the kind of images I was talking about, like:

Image 200338759-001
Image 200286424-001
Image 200388571-001

Well, and some others.



claudio_jordao:I saw the pictures you shown.Thank you for your comments.It’s useful.


I adjusted again.The link below can be
seen.Hope you like it.


Like the idea and concept… nice work. I am curious about your future work…

My website…