Eon (3D Scene) Entry: ZhuLi


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Latest Update: Final Render: final 6seconds adimation


I’m glad to come here to talk about art and cg-works with you.It’s the first time I enter for the competition. I choose the ‘Axis City’, hope you guys will like my work and give me advice.
Here are my drafts, I just draw it following my imagination.


This is my final concept design, my inspiration came from lotuses .And I designed the scene that the lake which has lotuses because of WATER. The outlook of the beautiful lake is in front of us,that’s my inspiration. I drawed it at once as soon as I got the feeling of the scene.


Hey ZhuLi, you have quite interesting concepts here… now you need to get hurry my friend, there isn’t much time left!


This is my final modeling, my inspiration came from lotus flowers in China. I made the main buliding in the air ,and kept the others onthe water.I also desiged the world under water.The whole sences like the lotus flowers in the pond.I think the sence very interesting ,and hope you will like it.suggestions of you are very useful.


I love this concept and the work you are doing to make it happen. My only question is how this fits into ThistleDown? It look like you have a convex surface the city is placed on instead of a concave one inside one of the chambers.


Firstly,thank you for your question.I think the people through theconcave one feel exciting and curiouswhen they see the differeence.I also think the contrast must be needed.The sence fits into ThistleDown naturely because convex or concave doesnt limits the conection of spaces and nice imagenation.


Well, very beautiful and inspirational concept you got here!

I noticed the convex surface too, like aurora did. Adn after your explanation to aurora I am very curious where you will go with this.

Good luck!


Thank you for your reply,.I didnt fully undetstand your meaning last time.I realize the problems you noticed now,I will consult and do my best to make it better.really thank you. I will resign myself to your guidance.


i wish to expand that convexed circular surface indefinitely, so it connects with other space. I feel this will be quite similar to axis city. But I have not finalised it yet, I look forward to your opinions after it’s complete,thankyou.


The lastest update really does a good job of capturing the concept art that you posted a while back. Nice work!


Hey ZhuLi, very impressive work… looking forward for your updates.


nice work, keep it up.:slight_smile:


hope you get to finish soon! this looks like a winner :deal:


my network have some problems.so i really sorry I cant update in time.I use maya mainly.I created the sky and sea by fluid of maya. this is the effects in maya.It isnt finished,I will split out many passes for one render to adjust in combustion.I wil sumit online soon.wait for a moment.


Gee, You are the quick one :slight_smile:


leving,claudio_jordao,alvin_cgi,chaitanyak, thank you for your comments.i will do my best.

I must hurry up.I works all day and night. I really fell tired because the lack of time.my Enlish is poor .hope everybody give me a hand .I think cg talk is a nice environment,I learned more from here.I learned many useful things by contest.I thanks everybody.I will share the experience
soon ,hope everyone likes my work.


I adjusted again.I both painted the cloud and controled the depth of field in photoshop.I adujust the part of object’s color .I think it make a harmonious picture.


this is very good! :bounce: im not sure what i can crit about …
ur details and colour caught my attention! :smiley:

waiting for ur next update!

good luck to u! :thumbsup:


thank you. It’s not much time left ,I had to go to work . I will do my best.