Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Valery Plaksin


to TheFirstAngel

sick stuff ^^ how hoigh is your püolycount? lol you must have a monster of a machine, would be unthinkable for me to render an animation with such a scene in a usable time

Presently scene near 100000 poly (triangles).
And my machine enough quickly processes this scene.
Why so little?
Because many construction will not seen from for ships and so I model it in lowpoly style.
I think in MAIN deal to have a good scetches and development plan of all scene.
And FOLLOW him, then will possible be concentrated on the achievement of good results, rather then concern with a searching mistakes in the bad plan.
After the accompaniment of ships and other small details, I plan not to be beyond of 500000 polys. This will suffice there for that I could render picture in acceptable time and do small animation. :buttrock:


Отличная работа, отличная перспектива. Интересная концепция — корабли с горизантальными несущими поверхностями или вовсе не несущими, короче взрыв мозгов! Очень прикольно и сколько же терпения надо чтобы выдумать и нарисовать все эти микролюки и туннели. В каком редакторе кстати? Удачи и успехов, работа масштабная и интересная. Удивляй дальше!


tHis looks simply amazing… it looks like it has at least double the polycount you mentioned (and in tris… so in quads its half that)… great work…


Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice! But how are you planning to texture that load of polygons :eek: ?

Let’s see how this turns out :applause: !


strart modelling linkor


modeling linkor


I really like your style, could you post some wire ?

Keep it up.


just wondering,are you modeling most of the part as seperate objects? I’m just wondering, because this is my first real building (on my thread) and i was wondering if it is a smart thing to do the objects by them self… most of them anywais… I’m really amazed of the level of details.



ridiculously awesome.

It’s just that.


Wow, great detail… How do you even begin to come up with where all those wires/tubes/ibeams/etc will go… I’d go nuts. Nice work.


modeling linkor engine


that’s a cool scenes,and the ship is a great designs too!it’ll become a great work.amzing man,good luck!


I love these ships you are making,realy cool.


nice nice nice:)


modeling linkor comand centre


Great work Valery!!! Looks like something straight out of battleship :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep up great work. :thumbsup:


wow! looking forward for your texturing :wink: How many polys have you now? btw, are all seperate objects? Or all in one same mesh? I mean, the texturing is going to be pretty hard if all is in one object right?



linkor wire


Hello alL!

How many polys have you now? btw, are all seperate objects? Or all in one same mesh? I mean, the texturing is going to be pretty hard if all is in one object right?

On previous wire view each separate element is shown by colour.
I split model mesh on initial stage for best checking for modeling and unwarp textures, then weld all element in one model.
I almost done modeling linkor (not complete stern), and currently in model near by 85000 poly.

p.s. thank you all who keeps a check my thread!
ask me question, I try to answer all!


Excellent modeling going on here! I really like it. :thumbsup:

However, it doesn’t “feel” like Eon. Maybe it’s just me, but it looks like just another sci-fi image. :shrug: A good one, though. :slight_smile: