Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Valery Plaksin


Wow… man it’s just great work, i have no more words…


flatter start modelling


cobra model


cool spaceship. :thumbsup:



living level modelling


so much work to do! That’s a amazing work!


Now I am sure you are insane! MAN this stuff is good! Love the ships… and low poly! So you are gona hide the sharpedges with the textures right? Keep it up man, and don’t slow down. Always awesome updates in here.


Very impressive work!!! i love the way that you design.


thats a nice looking building you have there. I think conkrys is right you gotta be crazy. Fortunatly I think crazy is needed to pull this off. :thumbsup: keep it up.


Hi! This is flatter test render, without textures. Need some work on engine and add some small detail…


No comment. Impressive .:applause::applause:


keep on keepin’ on !! :applause:


C. R. A. Z. Y. :twisted:


your a machine!! one of the best entries so far, there’s one thing i’m worried about though, i haven’t seen any characters yet, which would really add to the story and artistic value!

btw, i just love those low poly yet super detailed ships!


nice job man .i think your scene will look great .
whaiting for the textures.
good luck


waow I really like it very impressive…


right living level model


service level modelling


Nice model. Keep it up


modelling service level in process