Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Valery Plaksin


hello all!


my final pic will be in next post :frowning:


I reload my final render in later post for better quality.


Ok. THIS IS final render of my “EON-Flying away”.

Small description of my work:
We see an enourmous mechanical city (inspired “The Sixth Chamber” and “atmosphere surfing on an air-sled”), outbound downwards and on many kilometers upwards.
It consists of largest dwelling and production quarters.
On the right we see a big ship (linkor) flying to the bright spot between constructions.
On the left two small fighters (flatters) of accompaniment.
My main deal, to create more explicating alive and atmospherical world with many small details (buildings, ships, bridges and many more).
And i want to show an image not only exact displaying a situation a description in the book, I try to show biggest, massive and infinity world that to my mind be a spirit of book ‘EON’.
One of the concept idea is a design of ships, significant sprained on vertical.
This is made that manoeuvre on narrow spaces megapolis.
Work is named “Flying away”, and what adventures wait us behind far light?..

Tech info:
All 2d work (scetch, textures) was done in XaraX (vector programm) and Photoshop.
3d work was done in Max8, and video was collect in AfterEffects.
Final image was render 15 hours in single pass without any layer with Brazil render.
No post work.

These three months were for me hard and very interesting.
Thank you all who was interested by my work and gave valuable advices.
Excuse that not to was able to answer all and immediately, time was little.
And thank you all again and good luck!!!

Play Video >>


First off: I´m extremely impressed by your skills and what I´ve sen in this thread. Very inspiring!

I´m a bit dissapointed by the final render though. It might be the low res compression, but it´s not as easy to read as the scenes in the video where the warmer tones in the background really brings out the hugeness of the scene. (The music to the video really doesn´t help at all. You might want to skip that.)

Anyway, you´re by far my favourite in the model category and I´ve learned alot from your step by step posts. So thank you and good luck!


Stunning render, Valery - just breathtaking. I think you’ve nailed it. The sense of scale is incredible and the detail is just…man… its inspiring. I have no crits at all. Good luck in the final reckoning, you deserve to be right up there.


Great job- nothing else to say… just great
good luck!!


I really love your post, and you’re also my favourite in this class but i STILL think and agree with Norberg that the music really sounds cheesy and happy blade runner kind of scene, i think its should be more metalic(doesnt mean metal, but to support the scene) and not kind of children playing with frisby like. I really really like your scene, but man i STILL think that music is like 1/3 of the whole thing


Great work, both in the still and video, but that music doesn’t suit it, it’s just awful! It would be great with a very subdued epic or industrial piece… down tempo orchestral piece, or a very dark, moody and quiet piece by Nine Inch Nails, for example.


Amazing work, great composition, although you could render any part of this project and call it a final :). Good luck!


Congrats on finishing Valery! I’m loving it - especially the animation [not too keen on the music but that’s just personal preference]! :buttrock: GOOD LUCK! Well deserves an award IMHO!:applause:


I am floored! Really solid piece!:thumbsup:


Congrats for final:thumbsup:
great work


That is one sick concept, visual and illustration. To see a hi res version of that for a desktop would be A+.


That turned out really nice. You should be proud. I’m not sure where this scene fits in the story since I just started reading the book. Anyways, congrats man and good luck.


awesome!! i’ve been watching this one for a while, i think it’s definitely one of my favourites! great work.


Amazing work… Good lightining and texturing…God job…and Good luck


An outstanding entry! Really well done. I appreciated the close-up shots in your animation that let us see all the fantastic detail you put in. Good job! Best of luck!


awsome :slight_smile: the best thing is that each close up can be separate picture, and what’s more, a great picture. And whole thing together is just wow :thumbsup:


The amount of an amazing detail in this scene is ovewhelming!
Composition rocks, scene mood is serene and movement is smooth.
This is one of the best I’ve ever seen.

Congrats! Your skills are complete, ‘master’!