Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Valery Plaksin


amazing scene man.
Looks quite believable, I think you really nailed eon looks. :thumbsup:


For those that lost their patience in downloading the animation… wait
it is definitely worth it!
(I have a Meg per sec speed, and it took mine over an hour to download)

The closer details revealed in the animations renders were FANTASTIC Valery!

Unfortunately there was a serious amount of what we call “the Blink Factor” that simply makes your viewers blink per passage from a scene to another scene.
But none the less that is video editing… as a designer/modeller and a texture painter… you have done YOUR part of the deal as good as it gets.


My only prayer for you on this challenge is for the jury to not harshly think in the lines of:
“[color=lemonchiffon]This could have been from any Sci-Fi story…” or similar.[/color]
Because it is a Fantastic scene and all your hard work shows.
(Actually I liked the earlier, less saturated renders… this last one looks too much “Story Book” to compare)

Ps: Thanks for the tip about texturing with Vectors!!!
I can’t believe I never thought of that! Though I HAVE used it a lot for signs and text textures.
Guess it’s time to put my illustrator skills to a challenge after this project is over with.


Hi GREAT WORK you v done here. Ithink is nothing to wory about the scince fiction thing,because EON is a science fiction book.As I seen you are the only one who finish the models and the small trailer at the same time.I like the way you modeling because is base on lowpoly and you think more than a model base,you have perspective of a project,that skill you have make you one of the best modeler I v seen.

I wish you GOOD LUCK! and all the best!


Hey pichunter, it surely worth the wait for the download to finish!
Congratulations on your magnificent work.


I want to compare my work with your work and improve mine.

I downloaded your video but didn’t watch it yet. I guess i will go and see it tonight.


I agree with Black, its well worth the wait to get this and view it. It is extremely well done. I’m waiting for the show to premieri on the SciFi channel :slight_smile:


It is really a good job, very detailed and we get the feeling of these big structures. Hope you the best !


I think this is one of the best so far. Good Luck


Valery - well it has taken forever to download this but I’m really happy I let it go on! Excellent job with lighting and the space ships :slight_smile: :bounce: Not too keen on all those cuts - pissed me off :wink: - but I understand you can’t go on rendering forever :smiley: All in all - sweet! That ship can fly :buttrock:


Hi and thanks to all!
I’m on final line!
this render of left-top side of my pic in hi res (final render will be 3000x5000 pix).

I save my eon video to another server in smaller flv format (1,8 Mb)
(hope this more faster…)


wow valery this is looking very cool

good look


Video gives a great feeling of size, please, please, please get rid of the cheesy music, as soon as possible and just add a deep rumbling sound and whooshing noises, hand-made if you like, ANYTHING BUT THAT MUSIC!!! (please)

Brilliant modelling, textureing etc, all been said before by everyone, such an immense scene could only be put together by an immense talent like yours.

Please get a job at http://www.brickhousevfx.com/ surely you have the skills for that, you might need to move house though…

Can’t compliment you enough, I’ll be watching your next move. (oh, and more tutorials please - they (CGS) should do a feature on your entry)



Really awesome man, but i must ask, whats with the gai music… I mean it sounds like some 80ish bladerunner happy scene or something…

We want roar, we want brrr, we want aaahhhhh. now thats some real effects. try watching a space film trailer or some great film trailer, the tension is getting higher by seconds and at the end its aahhh or bum and then switch to the eon screen


we need to stop nagging…

Music aside, we all know it’s brilliant, and I’m sure Valery just threw some random tune as a filler before we get the final masterpiece.

We just all want it to be as perfect as the modelling, we don’t want tears before bedtime!

Good luck to you Valery.

I remain watchful, and respectful!!



It should be a piece of art.
A winner for sure is there guys !
Thanks for your cool skills Valery !
Now we wish you the best !


u must be the winner, man, no doubt about it


Great stuff! I didn’t have the chance to reply you. I got your aimation too.It was great.It shows that yoy are working with a lot of joy.


Its final wire view, scene contains 521 objects (409 142 poly) and 322(!) lights.


right-bottom part of render


seeing your wire makes it obvious just how little detail there is in the modelling - don’t get me wrong, it’s still a huge undertaking - but you HAVE to give us a tutorial on texturing, to get the kind of detail we BELIEVE we’re seeing in that image.
The sheer volume of lights must’ve taken it’s strain on render times, but just how large are your textures?!!! Out of interest, what’s your poly count?

Just wow. Again.