Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Valery Plaksin


The ships in the last render look too shiny, very toylike, to me. Maybe lower the specularity a bit… maybe :). Great work either way, your effort definitely shows in your work. Keep it up, very beautiful!


It’s great to finally see some of the ships together with the background. I really like the way the piece is coming together. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Hi all!
Someone ask me what i mean in older post “vector texturing”.
In this pic i show how i draw texture in Xara vector programm, this content many small object with complex fills and opacity.
It’s give me a chance to export in very high resolution that i need.
That’s all :slight_smile:


Beyond the fact that your work just blows my mind (in a great way) the thing I love most about seeing updates to your thread is that you always show interesting ‘work’ bits and not just updates to the scene. I have go to start doing that too. I’m a tut kinda guy and I just have not done anything helpful for others. Santa’s gonna bring me nothing but coal and I don;t want to know what cool things he’s gonna bring you!


I slice my image with rule “gold proportion” for find good final composition.
Marry Crismas to ALL!


Its starting to look really good :).
Lighting will make it or break it, plz dont break it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

good luck :slight_smile:


Hi all!
Its my first render of 9 parts of all composition with final lights scheme and small detail.


Excellent, it is my favourite !

Your work is great, can’t wait to see the final !


Amazing work!:arteest:
It seems we have another finallist here! There is no comment .Everything is in the right place and in the best way!
The details and the background for each part of the scene is incredible .:buttrock:
I’ll follow your work .Hope to see it finished.
Happy new year ! :beer:


I think your work is the best untill now! Good luck! I can’t wait to see your final work!



Your work is awesome dude,keep it up.


really great work!! one of my favs!! strong linework and vehicle designs…keep up the good work!! cant wait to see the final!! :slight_smile:

-Eon Link-


Your work is amazing! We are in awe. Could you show us more techniques and maybe a little tutorial? You rock!

/team sweden


:eek: AWESOME DETAILS i must say! :eek: everything rocks in ur concept!

so much attention has been paid to everything! :eek: ur hard work n dedication has certainly sky rocketed! :eek:

wishing u the very best of luck! :thumbsup:

cheers! :beer:


looking good! the environment’s looking quite busy - hope you won’t swamp that awesome ship with it :slight_smile: I mean It just HAS to stand out :smiley:


Hi there, It looks wonderful. Xara is an illustration program right? What 3d software did you use?


Hello all!
I was ready to done all to 15 january, but challenge is prolonged and I has decided to do else more.
Last week I creat video. Only one render has occupied my computer on last 3 day :twisted:
This video does not pretend on high artistic move, but I seem is got it atmospheric. Hope you like it.

Link on video:
High quality (30 sec, divx5 avi, 800x600 pix, 4,4 Mb)
http://www.comsport.ru/pichunter/Valery Plaksin EON 800-600.avi

Low quality (30 sec, divx5 avi, 320x240 pix, 2,5 Mb)
http://www.comsport.ru/pichunter/Valery Plaksin EON 320-240.avi


AAARRggggghh !! i’ve some difficulties to see or download your video :shrug:
anyone else ?


Yeah I am too. It gets just about 400kb in and the dl freezes. Tried 3 times.


It tooks Eternity (BTW a Greg Bear book title :smiley: ) so take a download manager and wait, wait and… wait…

But the animation is great, congrtatulations Valery :thumbsup: so many details :applause: