Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Valery Plaksin


Hello all.
to Nothingness… thank for good critiques (its need for me!)

did you use the full textures on the right ship, or is it something caused by the jpg compression?

In render i use full non compression textures (4000x4000pix), and artefacts appeared after i comress final post jpeg.

I think you also used a kind of Final Gather, but it really doesn’t show too much. For example, inside the back of the big ship there is too much detail. The light shines about everywhere and that gieve a really flat game look.

You right, for fast test i use simple color scheme (only some omni to fill all scene).
In final render i’ll use many spot and global light (this requires too much time presently).

Also try the create a good depth between the ships and the background cause right now you could see the left part as one, meaning you won’t recognize it as a ship. Because we’ve seen it before, we know it.
Maybe there is too little seen of the ship to be able to recognize it easy.

In real, this render is 1/3 part of final composition, and certainly we will see whole ship and many other :slight_smile:


looking great valery

maybe try to dirty up the textures a bit and i would like to see a different render maybe with the camera tilted slightly more



I was not expecting for so many details for your early sketches. That’s beautiful. I like the narrow shape of the ships matching to the narrow “horizon”. A different characteristic that gives a unique aspect to a unique, new world.


looking great, besides the depth issue i think you should add a little more colour, most textures are fairly gray at the moment, by adding some variation to the colours the whole thing would look a lot better, maybe some coloured warning lights and such too!


Hi there Valery,

I have spent a while here in your thread looking a reading, Your work is A Grade my friend. No crits from me…your work has a Chris Foss feel to it…thumbs up from me :thumbsup:



My goodness Valery,if that`s the test render I can only imagine how the final will look.Nice work here.



this is some small detail as mast-quay and bridge


This is ONLY test render of industry level (1/4 bottom of all composition), with lights and small detail. Its no good composition, just fast working test.


Play with camera angle and light. Just for you pleasure! Click image for enlarge.


great scene!

Its highly detailed and i think thats what makes it look interesting. Keep up the good work.
btw is that scene shot in space or somewhere in the earths atmosphere?


I really like the work you’ve done, and appreciate the detail level on your differents models.
The “final” is a great quality and highly detailled image, even if i found her a little confused.
Excellent work :thumbsup:


still getting better, it’s nice to see a little more colour, but where did the fighter ship go? the ‘main ship’ is seen from the back now i think? so you don’t see all the details.
So is this a new composition or just a test render?


… but in a very, very good way :thumbsup:

The real EON film entry


Hey pichunter, congratulations for your excelent work… the level of detail is amazing, I’m so anxious for your final. Good luck.


You know, i look at your work and i dearly wish to experiment in 3d software…your “test” renders have me all excited…i can’t wait to see the final result…man, talk about flexing technical muscles. :applause:

I cant crit as to be honest my knowledge of this medium is limited at best ^^.

i don’t need to wish you luck, I know you’ll get a decent final result :smiley:



AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRGGGHH!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGGH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGGHH! You are insane! The level of detail is beyond awesome!!! why you’ve got the time to do all this is beyond me! why hasn’t someone paid you to not have personal time for projects like this is insanity! INSANITTTTTYYY I SAY!!! seriously its not even a competition for modeling anymore, now it’s a “watch pichunter do his thing” and see if jonny-master pulls close.

Dude in freakin sane! I love it! Love it!

honestly, I didn’t think you could do it, I didn’t think ships with no characters would be that strong but damn you are sure changing my mind!



Great work indeed. I tend to stick around the illustration side of the challenge, but I had to travel to the 3D part of the woods to congratulate you on this wonderful piece. Trully brilliant.


This is wallpaper i made for fun my friends. Hope you like this. Click image for enlarge.
Thank all for crits and good words, your support inspires me!


simply amazing, what to say:)
I just can’t wait to see it all in motion.
best wishes!


still getting better, so much detail! indeed, where should i be looking at if this is moving??? i’ll watch it frame by frame :wink: