Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Valery Plaksin


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And I am begin (excuse my english)

Short contents of my idea.
We see an enourmous mechanical city (inspired “The Sixth Chamber” and “atmosphere surfing on an air-sled”), outbound downwards and on many kilometers upwards.
It consists of largest dwelling and production quarters.
On the right we see a big ship (linkor) flying to the bright spot between constructions.
On the left two small fighters (flatters) of accompaniment.
My main deal, I think to create more explicating alive and atmospherical world with many small details (buildings, ships, peoples and many more).
One of the concept idea is a design of ships, significant sprained on vertical.
This is made that manoeuvre on narrow spaces megapolis.

its my first idea of composition, and i choose vertical


its color tone test and directional of dynaics


color 2d concept


concept of flatter


concept of Linkor


WOW!, your 2d concept art is so great.

i wish i could draw like that :slight_smile:

cgChallenge: EON


Hey there. Cool sketch. Like the design of the crafts. Wish i could draw like that as well.

Keep up the good work!


Very nice concept! I wait continuation.


Hey Valery, your search for dynamic is cool, your concept are great, and your sketchs are…impressive. Keep up the good work, I keep an eye here :thumbsup:


wow Cool sketch and good consept … good luck:thumbsup:


maaan you’ve the thing. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: don’t lose it :slight_smile:



Hi, and thanks for all who like my work.
And another update.
This variants of different ships which will be present in the scene:

2d concept of medium class ships


2d concept of small class ships


the concept phase i definitely your strength :scream: i like the scetches a lot. keep it up… :thumbsup:


ok. still conceptizing…


concept of industrial level
this level contain many industrial airshed, tubes and transportaion systms…


very nice. :slight_smile: i really can imagine how it will look like…


Very nice concepts Pichunter.
Your thread shal be cool to follow.


Your concepts have gone through alot of thought. I can tell your scene will turn out amazingly. Keep up the great work Valery! :thumbsup: