Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Tuan Nguyen


here a small update, the foreground, got some posteeffects in, but still some corections to make… now rendering the background, damn i hate 3d challenges!!


Good luck, man!


keep finishing it man! I’m sure they will talk it over and let you join the final entries. It’s worth it as it’s really good


hell yeah … i just heard about it that the server is not closed, 12-24 hours still open, but i can´t upload it anywhere:( got some upload probs yesterday.

thx arturo:D your entry is one of my favours!


I just sent my animation directly to Mibus via e-mail… dont know if it works…

How’s the background-rendering going?


i already finished with rendering yesterday, thx for intrest … i think i will also send it directly to mibus.


mibus said there is no chance to enter it, very said:(so here is my final image, i got also a video but i don´t want to post it up, because looks to bad, i have to shut down some effects to mesh the deadline, so maybe i render it later with all effects and post it.

the work on this image is not finished, i will render the background again with gi and oclusion to look how it looks like it was set to be without the deadline.

here i play with some lights:D very dark in some areas, because i rendered it in 8 bit color, now i learned for my life, always to render in 32 bit color!!!

now thx johnnymaster for many advices he gave me in the last month, nothingness and all the guys who supports me… i am out:D


Excellent job, deserves to be finished properly!


Nice work you’ve done here :thumbsup:
I like the top image more; It is more realistic because of the higher contrasts.

So you’re out of the challenge? That’s too sad, deadlines suck anyway…

But you do have a nice piece of extra portfolio stuff now, be happy with it :wink:



So you didn’t finish on time. Ahh, neither did I. :shrug: I guess we can always practice and create more new stuff while we wait for the next big challenge. In the end, it was a great learning experience. Lots of stress, but good experience. :smiley:


thx guys, of course it is a nice work for my porto, however i will render it again, this was only a rush render for the deadline.

yes, i learn a lot, but i think i will not enter the next challenge… maybe when the subject is good:D


im very sorry u didnt make it dude… :cry: ur earlier modeling posts are just as amazing as ur final one … :eek: very gifted modeler :love:
me really fascinated with all the details in ur work! :eek:

looking forward to seeing u in the next challenge!

take care buddy! god bless!


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