Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Tuan Nguyen


Hey Tuan,

i heard from Linh you pushed your hardware a bit too much :banghead:
an important lesson, i hope, is learned.
It also reminded me to make another backup :rolleyes:

i guess new hardware will be the start for this year.

cheers and good luck


love the vehicle design and model!! tons of details! :slight_smile: good luck with your final rendering!

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hey its time for something new my dear! Otherwise i have to give your phone number to your first loves Rudolph and Maxim!


yes yes… too good to be unfinished :slight_smile:
best luck!


here a small update, the cylinder, where i will place alexandria.

i test to rendered it in 3600x2600 and it takes 6 hours with gi and anbient oclusion… goddamn! thought i have to overclock my system again!

thx guys for all comments, now lets make “party up”, because the deadline is extended to 31 januar

man, rudolph was nice ya:D


nice work on the chamber :thumbsup: … try baking GI that if u can that helps but still the renders are gonna go up again when u add textures and lightiniing … all that :scream:

cya and good luck :thumbsup: :bounce: :applause: 21 days left thank God!! :eek::applause:


Hello, very good job on that chamber… hurry up, and good luck.


Nice job on the chamber. Give more of some natural feel to it. Alexandria do have some vegetation.


here you see how i will place the city alexandria in the cylinder, not finished now, i will add some trees in the city and some forest to give it a natural vegetation.


The details of model caugth my eye’s.It’s very cool.good luck .


Very impressive, and quite true to the book, too. Best of luck in this contest!


Level of detail scares me :slight_smile: really top work here, I can’t wait to see it textured and lit!


That last update is really nice. Great work! can’t wait to see this finished.


here a small update, a 3d pre-visualization, maybe the point of view of the scene will be change a little bit, but i think it will look like that here.


Hey Tuan,

Cool view and some excellent modeling in your thread. Great job and good luck finishing up.


here a update, some shaders and the viewpoint…


Hey Tuan. Excellent modeling on the environment. I also like the overall composition of your image. :thumbsup:

One thing regarding your last update. I think I also noticed this with your vehicle renders. The problem is that your renders are looking too desaturated. Your losing a lot of color information. Also, It looks like the terrain is overexposed when it comes to the lighting. Very bright while the grass elements are dark. I think these elements should be tweaked some more.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Great work VietEmotion, Excellent modeling



The chamber looks awesome, as far as you can texture all this the result will be fantastic.

Great work :thumbsup: good luck in the next steps/days :bounce:


thx for the kind words guys:D

yes you are right with the overexposing with the ligth, i will fix it;D it was only a testrendering.
With the desaturation, i want it like it is in the buggy rendering, less color to keep it a cool feeling, like in worldwarmovies:D but thx for for critics.

now i am rendering the final image, but only the foreground, without the aircraft and the background, because to match it all, my athlon 3000 is a turtle, and i am not going to overclock it:D