Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Tuan Nguyen


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Latest Update: finalimage


I change my work from Illustration to 3D Model to get more freedom in creating of the scene. Now i will sum up the main milestones… here is the old thread, when you want to follow the hole work.

Old Thread


Another view from the car!


Here you see the weapons!


Some new stuff, here is the head from the soldiers, the face and the helmet. The face i will sculpting in zbrush in the next days. BTW: It is my first face:D


Pretty good for your first head, Tuan. Looking forward to see what you do with it in ZBrush.


Here a update, i try to model the face from collin farrel, this is only his base mesh, i will sculpting the details in zbrush.


the vehicle is absolutely hot dude! The face needs some tweaks and then its going to look fine, too!
Attention guys: this is my childhood friend and blood brother, a monster modeler and a real gangsta - beware!:twisted:


Here a small update, the body for the chara, i only make a low poly version, btw: again my first bodymodel:D … i think i will give him more muscles, the arms are to thin.


Hehe, good one. :smiley:


Here a quick shadertest, i made it a few days ago.


that buggy is awsome man!

i’m curious to see what you do for the clothes in your character. I could just suggest to give the face a little more work to give it a certain personality.

besides that you’re doing great

keep it up


Hej VietEmotion,

I couldn’t find your concept, I am very curious about what place your beautiful models will take in your scene? Did I missed it somewhere?

Good work!


here the jet for the russia invasion, it can flight like the british harrier jet, here it is a combination of helicopter and jet.


here some texturing and shading of the jet, it is not final now some parts are not finished, hope i can make it today:D


thanks mate, i hope i can finished the face and the chara this week:D

no, i haven´t got posted any concept, no time to make one, so let it be a surprise:D


hey ! nice test render on russian jet, and the car looks great to.
good luck and whaiting to see more :thumbsup:


hey tuan

i love your modelling ! keep up the great work !



Hey Tuan,

amazing work on the jet :thumbsup:

maybe try to render and hide the hdri in the background. Would be better to see the object itself. At the moment the background make it a lot more complex.

I know you’re still at work on the textures, but maybe you could try out a ix with an occlusion layer.

anyway, keep up the good work.



I agree, great work on all of the models, I especially like the helicopter. Keep up the good work.