Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Tomasz Klejne


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Should be a fun competition :slight_smile:

I havn’t read the book yet, but I did my best to catch up with the reading, someone plz let me know if I get a critical detial wrong.


haha! beleive me I don’t care, but it’s funny how everyones concept of chamber 2 is the same. Good luck to you.


“it’s funny how everyones concept of chamber 2 is the same”

really? I was worried about this. I acutaly had an idea to do a scene like this long before I even heard of book EON and this challange.

well it is a first concept, might end up doing something competly different, who knows.


Well, here’s another concept :), this one was a lot of fun to make, any better then the first?


I’m sure this already occured to you but a reflection on the inside of the helmet of the characters face expressing his emotion would be an amazing detail! Good luck.


Second concept looks great - I think you should go with it. And with Crins suggestion it could become really cool. Good luck!


Thanks guys, and thanks Crin for the awesome suggestion. :slight_smile:

Hopfully my 3d trees will be better looking then my 2d ones


I like the second concept better too. The circles within circles composition nicely echoes the worlds within worlds theme. I am looking forward to seeing this image fill out. Good luck.


The second one looks much better I think to.


Well, here’s a go at creating a forrest using PFlow :slight_smile:

And thanks for the comments!


great work on the forrest!

about the seond concept: how about getting a little reflection of the face of the character? In a way there should be a little reflection i think. Unless you’re avoiding the modeling and such from a face.



Hey, thanks, its on the to do list, your acutaly the second person to methon that :P, I’m probbly not that skilled at human flaces but If I have time I think it would be a great addition to the image. Plus what better way to get good at face modeling.

It’s really good how people in this forum are willing to help and share ideas dispite being in competition with one another, thats why I’ve always seen these challanges more of a learning experenice then a competition. :slight_smile:


nice concept, and i really like tree’s what’s the polycount of the spruce?


348 tris for the spruce, there all about that, I’m gonna render these trees and map them on planes for the distant ones to reduce polycouts some more, polycount increase quite rapidly with this sort of thing.


Woww, great work up here! I like your forest. Have you tried using speed tree plugin? if not, do you think your way “modeling it by yourself” is better?:smiley: I’m still learning about this stuff & hope to know whats better from those who have experience like you , … :thumbsup:


totally agree that this competition rocks when getting help all the way. I wish i got some more help the precious challenge - which was my first.
But as i start this second challenge, it seems i already learned a lot from myself and it’s worth a lot.

and sorry for repeating Crin’s statement! There are so many Threads, so many Posts, so much work but so little time.


MSaber, nope havn’t tried that plugin, I have tried tree plugins before and they work alright, but the reason I modeled it myself is for the experince, making a forrest is something i’ve never done before and wanted to see if I could do it without any extra help from a programmer.
Its been so long since i’ve tried a tree plugin so to be honest I don’t know if it would be better or not.

Nothingness, np, I do it all the time :stuck_out_tongue:


lovely details dude! da trees r just fantastic! :eek: very intriguing concepts! cant wait to c whats next! :eek:

cheers dude! n good luck! :thumbsup:


Hey, nice work on the forest:) I guess I’ll have to tacle that problem too, as I’ll (propably) be doing a grand view of the second chamber.