Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Tim Dunn


Great to see that you made it in time! I had you beat with 43 minutes to spare. Unfortunately, all my remaining time went wasted trying to figure out why my animation wasn’t converting to .flv properly. :cry: Oh well, there’s always a next time. Not so sure that I’ll join in on the fun (depends on my availabilty and theme), but I will definitely be there to watch and cheer others on.

Good luck with the final judging!


Yeah, me too. I did the same. The instructions were a little confusing.


OKMER - Yeah the scene is empty but then so was the WEay this far down, thats why I started adding things in anyways on the last day. Just did not have anything built, textured, lite, ect for the Way and no time to really build new stuff past the cheap world gate I added in. There was supposed to be the plasma wave cruising through the Way from the gate the Jarts opened into the heart of a star but well, there was software issue which I can’t talk about.

nwiz25, Jedi, Zer05um - thanks yeah pushing it to the end was scary but I was determined not to quit, Jedi I’m so sad that you ran into those problems so late into the day. I did too but managed to get lucky but trust me I wwas freaking real bad!


I guess I’m not done with it quite yet. I have several minor additions changes I’ll be adding to this scene over the next couple weeks in my free time.
Heres part of todays changes/additions to the WorldGate. More coming soon


Took a break from working on the new Way city and did some work on the defense wall


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