Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Tim Dunn


Thanks, but as for the poster you may want to wait till I finish this the way I intended it to be done.

Right now I have all the elements in place and am tweaking alot of little important things and trying to figure out a work around for the tons of artifacts seen in the above image. I can tell you why I’m getting those but then the powers that be would have to kill me coughneverusebetascough.


I have ran into more problems today then I ever want to run into again. This is pretty much what is going to be included in the animation. I’m not sure if I can fix render issues for the buffer zone and pFX in time to include them or not. If I don’t start the animation rendering now I won’t get finished with only 21 hours left.

This is deff not what I wanted to turn in but alas my choice of software versions dictated my doom. Hopefully I can at least get those needed elements in place for the final reneder tomorrow. While off to start up the render farm, cross all my fingers and toes and pray it all turns out OK. I only have one shot at all of this now.


Hi Tim, just dropping by to show support, hope you have enough time, go go GO!


Thanks SNoWS. Sadly my animation is missing alot, including the pFX (render artifact issue that requires a second pass to render to fix and no time to render it). My animation has been rendering all night on 3 machines and still cooking :frowning:

I still have not finished enough for the final render and only a half a day to go. The only happy news in all of this is I’m starting Aggie and friends back up as soon as I post my finals. That has been the reward for me finishing this regardless of how unhappy I am by the quailty and content I’m submitting.


Keep it going man. Looking forward to your final. :thumbsup:


Sorry to hear, i am also sceptic about finishing my entry before deadline.


Thanks Guys! 3 hrs 24 minutes left. Animation as in-complete as it is with little to no post work is done. Final Still 50% finished. I manages to render a few passes out this morning to get some of the animation’s missing parts in place. Had to create a new pass and am waiting for it to bake now. I’ll make it but with only a pico-second left in the challenge.

As mush as I am unhappy about the current state of the texturing/render/dynamics I am looking forward to coming back and rework it after a short break from it (need time to get caught up on my homework, especially after skipping classes today, opps. Grad school and missed classes are not a pretty combo)


I truely hope for things to get somewhere on your arena!

Thank you for the continious supportive posts on my part… unfortunately I had not had too much a chance today to work on the project (A little bit busy here) and with the moral factor added up to days of not resting, I am in no state to finis and post my final entry in this time period)

So the flag is in you guys’s hands without me… the goal to present “[color=white]Eonthe BOOK before anything else :)[/color]

IT is looking great!.. don’t wory about it… It happens that when you look at an image too much from wroking on it, you begin to miss out on the cool parts about it!

BEST of luck!
My prayers are with you all…



Well I have less then an hour left so I have to call it quits. This is a low res version of my final image. Left 90% of the Way features I wanted out along with several pFX layers and Axis Nader is greatly diminshed from what I started working with but I’m finished (for now anyways.)

Story, Basically this is towards the end after Axis Nader seperated and started its acceleration down the Way to blow the Jarts attack. Since I wanted more visual ques in the Way and Patricia opened het gate directly into the Way itself one shoudl assume that this character looking into a world gate is another denizen that is escaping into another world before all the gates are permently sealed by the stars plasma rushing through the gate. Having the Way extend to infinity also looked boring so I opened the Way and added a glogular cluster in to signify the infinite journy Axis Nader has started on.

Now off to submit my finals (fingers crossed I have no Idea what I’m doing here.)

Thanks to all (especially Black without whom I would have quit a couple weeks ago!) and best of luck to you all!


Software: Digital Fusion,Lightwave 3D,Photoshop

This is my high res verison and my final animation. (I hope).
OK I’m confused the instructions wanted a 3636x2657 render at 300dpi but the uploader limits you to 1280x1024 so my high res is what the uploader allows.

Play Video >>


Well looks like you mad the deadline. After all the issues you ran into its not a bad finish for the amount of problems you ran into. I like you center city details with lights and busy looking effects.



Hey Tim, jst a quick line to say well done mate on getting there - looking superb, and thanks for kind comments you left on my thread.

Best wishes


Tim, even tho you say that you are unhappy with the quality, you made a great effort. It might not be exactly what you wanted but you jumped through so many loops in order to get here, you made it buddy. Congratulations!:thumbsup:


so cool Tim! The animation makes it look so real (even with sucky Flash compression!)
Congrats on finishing, and I really would like to get a copy of your highest res final image!
cheers- Scott


Thanks guys. Yeah I had to go through some really bizzare hoops to get things to work. But it was my choice to do something I warn others not to do.Enough said on that front.

I could have sworn we were supposed to have a 3636x2657 render so thats what I worked on for my final comp. In fact I managed to get several pass done up allowing to get more done for the still then for the animation. Man if I had know (I believe Black actually informed me though) that all I could upload was a 1280x1024 I could have saved at least hours of frantic render time and gotten a few more things fixed.

[b]But alas I finished, no more excuses I’m happy I made it and I thank everybody for the support they have provided whether by posting here or even more importantly for all the wonderful work you guys did too. That was what kept me pushing on. THANKS!

[/b]milw - I have one but if you can be patient a bit longer I think I’m going to fix a few more things, do a new render and then take a break from this for a while. I despartly want to get back to my Legends of Dune project. After I get stuck there I’ll take a break and come back and finish the way I wanted including the on-rushing star-core plasma unleashed from the Jarts and having Axis Nader’s shock front plowing through it.


Thats just GREAT!
So you have made it!!!

Reading your struggle, made me actually think I was wrong to not have tried to squeeze everything into the two hours… But it was not going to happen.

I would like to see the render of the plasma from the gate the [color=white]Jarts remotely opened into a star…[/color]
Do please let me know if you would like to.



Thanks Black, SNoWS and others. I’m not really happy with what I finished with but I’m exstatic that I managed to finish (with less then a half hour to spare :blush:)

I truly would have stopped working on it along time ago without all your support fellow challengers, so again a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all of you!

Black - I already made a couple minor changes to the scene. Then I went and cleaned my intensly messy directories up and then the over-whelming urge to start back up on another project totally over-whelmed me. So I’m going to work on that project for a while with the intents that some of the assets I’m going to create for it will be used in finishing this scene off later. No time table on that since alot of those assets will be from the vast city set I’ll be building and then use those buildings for parts of the Way and redoing Axis Nader. Then I’ll add all those nice dynamics I had started but never perfected for the animation. I’ll make sure I post it when I start working on it again!

A few asked me to see the full 3636x2657 image I comped. If your interested you can dl’ing here FinalComp_HighRes_resamp.zip


Hi there!
Very nice final. I really love this thing being pulled. Good luck now!


Hi!Although I find the scene a bit empty, I love the huge feeling in the pic!!!Nice image!


weeeeeeeeeeeee!! congratulations my friend! :scream::buttrock::applause: i was really worried about u! :cry: im so very happy u crossed over man! :bounce: darn … i wish we all had group photo taken or smthin … :cry: i would take it home and frame it! a very special memoir! :love: we’re all in this together! n hey! this challenge brought us all together! yay! :scream:

god bless ya ma friend!

good luck as always! :thumbsup: