Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Tim Dunn


I see that you too have gotten the twisted-pyramid thing well into your mind. Very nice indeed.

I’m very impressed by the clean quality of the modeling - somehow Hexamon tech always seemd to be clean and sparse to me.


Hey Black,
To be honest I’m still debating in my head how I’m going to do the animation and it depends on how much time I have to work on the Way itself. If I get everything else up to par and still have time I have alot of modeling detail I want to add to the way and I’ll work on an animation Olmy’s flaw ship trying to exit the Way before the sundering with a drop of the camera down from the Flaw as the Flawship approaches down to the Way as Axis Nader and company travel towards an the ‘end’ of the Way. There is an actual end according the Eternity but it’s never described so my take while be symbolic with a transparent end and a galaxy at the end representing inifinite possiblilities.

The other option is just shot from the way as Axis City travels down the Way with the same galaxy type shot fading into view. I’ve stopped tinkering with the Way since its now a waste of time since now I won’t decide on the animation till all texturing work and new modeling/texturing is complete so I know how much time I have left for the animation I can pull off.


I can understand your worry about “how much to do in how long”…
Guess it is something I had better weigh as well (Had a sort of disappointing day today :sad: )

The “closing”
I am SURE you must have watched contact… It would have been great help for you on visualising it. If you did, try to recall how they had overcome the creation of the worm holes.

A better example would be through a children’s experiment:
Two children making two screens of bubble water (Glycerine and soap mixed in water) by immersing a wide rope loop into a bucket and pulling it up, then facing each other, the way they would blow from both sides, until the budges would meet and instantly create a tunnel (the glycerine trying to preserve the shortest distance)
Shall you pull these two apart, they shall eventually ‘pop’, but if you carefully remove them from another they DO preserve the first shape… what happens in the middle is that they stretch then almost explode into the individual surfaces again.

So in the “Moment” of the escape through: there was not only a drag as we know from aerodynamics, but a drag of time and space, actually first pushing the northern pole of the asteroid, and then pulling it until it stretches it again as it exits.

Most possibly [color=white]Olmy had managed to get the flaw ship out at this moment of “stretch”…
It must of been a “one of a kind” experience, since theoretically, time must have slowed down and the surroundings must have been distorted from the way light would have travelled. It would be FAR from the sensation of a slowly closing giant iris that they are JUST about to make it through out of! :)[/color]

It would be possible to automate such an animation with animating the attraction of metaballs, but you Would need to do a lot of tweaking. A better source might be Real-Flow, if you know how to use it and have access to the programme from some where.
(Or even better… If you are into it personally… you can calculate curves from MathLab… and then revolve them into tubes for each frame)

All in all… I do not see any fast and dirty way to do it :sad:
It WOULD look amazing, but well time and quality is something you again shall have to weigh.

Actually Tim;

[color=silver][color=lemonchiffon]There is something I don’t exactly get in this competition…[/color][/color]
[color=silver]A lot of people, including you tend to have particular plans and textures in mind for the short animation of the whole scene.
I had always thought that all that they really would have a need for was a 3D scene in clay render (no textures required) with SOME sort of a motion or change of light presenting to the viewer how much of it is really 3D.[/color]

But NOW as I read all the plans people have for their really cool animations, not only do I feel bad (read=Lazy), but I am also starting to doubt if I had understood it correctly.

Are you putting in the extra effort for your personal pleasure? Or is it actually an obligation and to be judged?



Just a quick render of some of the new modeling I have done on the outside of Axis Nader this afternoon. Got about another hour or two’s work on modeling on the exterior and I’ll be done with that. Then a full days work for the interior finish up. Thats should leave me time to re-texture everything, change the lighting so its more dramatic and appealing. Then hopefully time to work on the Way before I have to deal with rendering the animation.

13 days. I’ll be pushing it but I should make it now. Still not the way I had once envisioned it but at least I’ll finish.


I know you adressed this to Tim but here are my 2 cents on the subject:

First don’t feel bad, I think there was a general confusion due to the change of how the challenge was split in 3 sections and the forum name, in the challenge page is called 3D Scene but the forum is called Model… 2 totally different things.

I never visited the FAQ page, I didn’t feel like I had to. I went by the instructions on the challenge page which states:

3D Scene:
Your final entry requires an illustration plus a 4 - 8 second animation of your completed scene (not just a model). Your animation can be as subtle as a slight camera rock or pull in, a lighting change, a subtle animation - anything that demonstrates a 3D nature of the work.”

Then you have a series of milestones one of them idicating the need of texturing. All of these combined leads one to belive that you do indeed need to have your Scene textured and lit.

For what I have seen of your entry and what I understand from the challenge instructions I think you are as Tim on the right track.

BTW, the models are looking great Tim, hope you can finish on time as you envision it.:thumbsup:


Thank SNoWS. I got to much snow again today and spent half the day outside shoveling at least I had a smile on my face! Busy working on new buildings for inside Axis Nader right now.
As for the animation I have a couple different ideas in mind it all just comes down to how much time I’m left with at the end. And yes mine will be texture/shaded it is needed for what I have in mind.

What I had really wanted to do was the Trailer contest but knew there was not a chance in heck I could come close to finishing with everything else I had/have going on. Maybe someday when I need a break from my Legends of Dune short I’ll come back and finish this up the way I have it envisioned.

Oh, BTW I also have a couple different concepts on the edge of Axis Nader I’m debating over I’ll post images of both of them as soon as I finish doing buildings. I’ll havce to finish the texturing for the buffer zone region as well since it is what will make the biggest difference on which will/won’t work.


COOL AXIS CITY!! HUGE!..is so close as i imagine it!! one weeeek tooo gooooo!
!! ARGH! good luck!:buttrock:


Thanks Oz - Yeah it is huge as I have it built to scale and also poly count.

I finally started assembleing all the new buildings for the interior and it looks like a mess so far. So much to do so little time. I may yet go with the description of the book where in the interior was dark, but add scattered hints of the buildings and lights to add more dimension.


Hey Tim,

Your models have a very Classy look to them as they seem to have the right amount of detail on them, great job on them and good luck finishing up .


Started texturing the exterior of Axis Nader.
Also redoing the light rig. The old one just is not going to give decent results regardless of the fact it provides a lighting system simular to the book all beit not as bright. I should be able to finish texturing the exterior tomorrow and then get the interior finished off by Friday.


Looking good … i like ur axis city :thumbsup:


Well after running into several sever issues I was forced to either quit or redo all the buildings for Axis Nader. So I took the redo route. This is FAR from what I had wanted and worked on but at least it may allow me to finish.


I don’t see what your problem is… it seeems a lot more impressive then what you dwarf it to be.

I understand that it was all menat to be much omre than this… but think of it this way… as 3D model contestants, aparently we are not permitted a FInal render submission.
So our final image is again going to be 1280x1024 and 150 k in size (Found that out TOO recently).
And the amazing amount of work you are putting is amost impossible to see in such a (sorry CG-cast, … but; ) crappy resolution.

So as long as your scene is collected t be what you aways sened t to us as, and your animation ges some close-ups to your big stuff… I believe you are already well ahead of the most of us (Including myself, not having one render posted yet)

Is there any way that oyou scatter the incandescent features to some arrangment?
Not knowing your work behind it… the buildings look more like crowded paint-effects when not paid attention to.
Maybe to include a ariaty in the hue and/or values?

All the best of luck… I believe you have done a great job… and that it shall surface by the deadline.



Thanks Black! Your encouragement is probably the single reason I have not given up and why I keep trying to find time and ways to get this finished.

I had almost 70 complexe buildings I built for the interior of Axis Nader some of which I posted earlier and a whole heck of alot more shall we shall more exterme. I also had a bunch of lower poly filler buildings too. But due to the UV issue I mentioned to you earlier I ended up canning every last one of those buildings and created 11 lowpoly ones which I just greeble cloned several hundred times with a bit of random variation.

I find it strange that when I converted the render image to a small enough jpg to upload all the lights went almost pure white. They actually are different hues of yellows and blues. I’ll try to post something more representive late tonight.

I also think I found my comprise for how I wanted to work with the Way. I want to get that built and done today so I can get everything pieced together and rendered tomorrow night and comped on Tues. Man I’m going to be pushing it to the very last pico-second.

My only real hope is that you get time to finish yours Black I still think its years ahead of mine:thumbsup:


HOLY CRAP! So I made a world gate 3km in diameter (half the size of the Frant home world gate) and then added a character to the scene to size the whole thing out. Yeah right, with everything built to scale according to the book theres dang near no way to fit everything in. With out something to provide scale perspective it just does not look as big and as impressive as it really is. What a nasty catch-22.


That was sort of the problem I had from day one

When I had a mind to do a trailer, I hadn’t the problem of fitting it all into one frame
but now with all the preparations and research, I just HAD to find a way to fit them all in.

So I decided to go for the camera distortion I mentioned in my thread.

You may want to look into something like that as well maybe?
Here this is a screen grab from my [color=white]Advent Children DVD (I fear this is sort of illegal, I hope the size and intention helps pull it off) that might give you some inspiration on what you may do from the gate outwards:[/color]

I think it might save the day… infact even present some of your misfortunes in the best they can aprear.
This image seems to have been shot with a 20mm camera with a zoom. How’s your character? Can it afford such a close up?
(Else you can always give it strong backlight and hide it in the shadows)

I really have no words to thank you for the extreme compliment on my enjoying your efforts and their results, but in the end they are exaggerated
since your entry and your scene are very inspirational and deserve everything of yourself you are giving them.[/color]

I too have the countdown on my desktop to haunt me now and then
And honestly it DOES help :slight_smile:

Just hope we both get it to the finish line with the results we hoped for!

Keep em up!


Ps: Oh and for the sicko’s that may ask… she is wearing SHORTS!!!
You are NOT looking under her skirt!


Been playing with low poly proxies for a new setup utilizing the new character and world gate I created today. Ignore textures and lighting, this was just a test for perspective and angles.
I’m not 100% happy but then I am 200% tired so I’ll work harder on it in the mroning. I think tomorrow will have to be 80% devoted to this in order to get done.

Again I was almost ready to quit then Black showed up and encouraged me on. I owe him BIG time!


I like the angle to this - it’s not far off my original sketch concept - I kinda wish I’d stayed with it.

However, since Vue is the only 3D tool I have access to, I simplfied and went for the traditional angle instead.

I’ve been following your progress with great interest - I’ve always loved the concept of the Axis City and you’ve definitely cought it how my mind’s eye did.

Keep going!


Finally starting to put things together. There is so much wrong still but alas no time left to fix things. And yes I know the get Ptricia opened in the geometry stacks was directly in the Way itself but I needed something a bit more interesting.
I know it looks like crap. I have the cross and drive units to add in to the mix as well as the pFX stuff. Hopefully I’ll find a few spare moments to fix a few dozen issues. But I’m worried about having enough time for the animation too. Happily all textures anf pFX are alreay animated.


hey Tim, this is looking great, if a bit dark (but that’s probably partly due to my screen). Keep it up, I really look forward to seeing your final entry! (and printing it as a big poster for my office!)