Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Tim Dunn


I am not too sure of your reasons of setting linear lighting aside… with a globe of instanced linier lights you would pretty well get the effect I believe you are going for, and to a low expense (I am personally going to go for that for the lighting within the Stone… Even though I am going to light it a little different than the book would have fancied me to).

Linear lights where acutally my first choice. The concept was to create a bank of them around the circumference of the plasma tube and stretching them along its length. Sadly after spending a few hours on them I was getting so much noise from the lights even with them spinning around the plasma tube that there was no hoping in using them.

So from there I moved to expensive area lights which worked wonderfully but with long renders on my setup scene which is 1/8 final resolution. So I took a couple hour break during which for some stupid reason the concept of using point lights jumped into my head (distance and spot lights just did not look right). With only a few minutes worth of work I got decent results with the point lights for the plasma tube.

The most impoartnat thing to note with them is I controlled who gets light from them and they are actually only adding just alittle light to provide a nice GI (sans-shadows) look.


Heres a quick look at some of the lighting I have so far. I have actually tweaked these areas a hair more but its pretty much as you see here. The lighting that will really make it pop is yet to come. But I have other things I have to deal with before I can get to those parts of the lighting rig.

The textures for the Way and the Plasma tube are just temps to give it something worth looking at.


Keep it up,

Even though there is not a lot of time left, I can see you know where your going with your piece! keep going with your idea, I like the shot you chose, I hope to see more details as it gets going, will check in every now and again to see your progress!!



These are amazing models my friend, I like your attention to details! … dead line is fast approaching, so we better hurry up!:scream: We’ll hate to see our works unfinished, so cant wait to see your final touches…



I seriously doubt theres any chance in heaven or hell I can finish my project. I have a work project due a week from today that is sucking all my time and then some. However when my system is busy doing something for that project I continue to plug along. But to stand any chance of coming up with a finished project I have to can a lot of modeling I wanted to add still and all my textures are now quick and cheesy procedurals. I have everything UV mapped just no time to paint all the images.

I wish I could have had more time to work on this and apologize for the crap that is about to be poured out from me. Maybe later I’ll come back and finish this as I had envisioned it.


Tim -

Whether you finish or not - the fact that you made such an effort is worthy of praise!

Great work! :thumbsup:


agreed 100%

even if you aren’t able to finish your piece you’ve provided feedback and critique to quite a few of us, and that my friend is what these challenges are all about.:beer:


Thanks mlynch and SNoWs, I look at a ton of entries and sadly only post to a small handful. The only reason why I don’t post to more is I look at them while I’m waiting for quick code compiles or render tests. As soon as they are done I bug out. Sadly its this same method of working that I have available to working on my Eon challenge. I really REALLY wanted to complete this one. It jusy sickens me that I won’t, at least not the way I had set out to do it.

But I do thank everybody that has offered such kind words and critiques through out this challenge to me. I wish I could have been as kind to everybody else.



Just about the same thing had had happened with me in the first challenge I had taken part of here…
I had to wait too long for the processing, so I kept providing feedback to others and browsing the other works. But now that I have upgraded my computers and went for even more time demanding scenes… I really fell behind in any use to others :sad:

I think I can sympathise with how you want this thing finished… I sincerely hope you do… cause the way you have helped us picture it sure seems to be worth the go.
Unfortunately luck was not on your side in the most of it. I really hope that that stage has past and your time will be enough.

It is looking great and I am really looking forward for the lighting set up in mention.



I started my challenges from Grand Space Opera, and only finished GSO and Spectacular. Master and Servant as well as The Journey begins were my failiures. But I know one thing.
All eforts are woth their price, so try to do as much as possible. After the challenge you won’t be so motivated to do it. You learn a lot from it, as you want to do something, do some research how to do it, than you try, try, develop it, and at the end you’re a winner as we all. Besides we all have to face deadlines with difficult projects, a bit of stress is also a good training for the future :slight_smile:

best wishes!


Deffinently not what I had want for texturing but it’s this or not finishing which I’m despartely trying to do.

Been experimenting on shading for the Way, getting closer but still needs more work for sure. Again its ALONG ways from what I wanted to do but, oh well. Next month :slight_smile:


just a reminder mate that there is an extra 20 days slapped onto the competition, so a little more breathing space for sure…
I think the effort shows, in all your pieces especially, in design. Love the Maltese Cross personally, very original!.



just a reminder mate that there is an extra 20 days slapped onto the competition,

Seriously? Man how the heck did I miss that? I woke up this morning and decided I was not going to work any further on it becuase the cheap procedurals just looked just that CHEAP and CHEESEY and I just did not want people to think I can’t texture worth crap. But now?!?!?!?

Where did you see this message? I somehow missed it.


The cutoff is the end of the 31st of January*. If you have any questions or problems, please post in the FAQ thread. If you have any other comments about the challenge, you can direct them to me (robert@ballisticmedia.net).

[color=DarkRed]YEAH!! Thats a pray answered!


This is a first round of experimenting with the Cross Unit and Drive Cubes pFX/HV’s. Note I have added in the Buffer region pFX yet. Not sure if I like the color saturation on the yellow pFX yet though.
Also note this is an un-post touched render. When time comes I’ll spend some time in Fusion (since I need it for the animation anyways) to really make these look nicer.
If I have enough time I’ll try and do a render of the Cross, Drive Cubes, pFX and Way tonight.


Just a quick test with the cross drive cubes and the pFX. Def not there yet but at least I now have some breathing room.
The Axis Nader cylinder is just a lowpoly stand in. The Way is just another bizzare concept and still not what I want whatever that is. Even with the extra time I won;t get the Way done the way I had wanted.


hey bro! i just went thru ur thread! n man was i zonked! :eek: 3d was smthin i wudnt’ve been able to work around with that much … mainly because of the details …:frowning:

but Tim! ma man! ur work oozes with amazing details! :eek: :bounce: pls pls at any cost try n complete it in some way or the other … u came this far dude! … dont let it bring u down! i wholeheartedly agree with SnoWs … in one of his comments … that inspite of ur work being slowed down n all … u still cheered many members …

i respect u for that with all my heart! thats smthin undeniably awesome!

god bless u bro with all the best things in life! pls try n finish off what u toiled for …

time has been granted … ( there is a god :love: ) …

waiting for u mate!

kick some dust and cross that finishing line will u! :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream:

hehehe … cheers to u! :beer:


nwiz25 - Thanks! The comments arre much appreciated. I woke up yesterday and had intended in throwing in the towel and quitting becuase the textures were extremely quickly done and just plain suck. I so did not want this to turn crappy. But now I have a chance to actually have some time to work on it AFTER my work project is completed. While I still won’t get it all done the way I envisioned I will be able to get something completed and makes me happy!


Great to know that you now have some time to finish this up. Go Tim, we’re rooting for ya!


This turning out to be really fascinating…
I can see now where you plan on placing the paint effects!

But Tim;

Have I missed out on some part that you decided to envision the part that the city is accelerated to reach near light-speed to seal the gates clean?

Or is it just that the texture is misguiding me?
And if they are… HAVE you actually concidered such a scene as well? Being the Paint FX junkie you say you are?
You can actually even include the flaw-ship you worked on… while they are trying to catch up.

I know that IF you are not going for this, it is actually offering for you to do something pretty difficult… but in the long run, you won’t have to spare as much time for the texturing since you can burst most of it into motion streaks that flow along its way.

Just a thought…