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I have been watching all the work everybody has been doing here since just about the beginning. I loved the info provided, grabbed the book and I’m about half way through it although I have skimmed the whole thing a couple times for details. Thanks to all the great work everybody else is doing I had no choice but join. You guys are infectious!
No images yet but I do have a plan in mind. I’m going to work on when Olmy brings Patricia through the shield into Axis City for the first time. Will post my concepts real soon.


Ortho view of expanse of Axis City: The Cross, cubes, buffer zone, Axis Nader, Central City, Axis Thoreau, and Axis Euclid. The Corridor itself is not in this image. The blue shaft is of course the Plasma tube and the red is the singularity.
Just crude block ins for now to get a feel for size based on book descriptions.


Just a extremely crude prespective view from somewhere above the corridor and sitting south of Axis City.


Just another crude, rough block in concept for a Flaw ship which I’ll use as approaching Axis City. One thing that has to change is that upper canopy the more I look at it the less I like it.


Hey, there you are. Well it is very smart to read the book before getting into this full time. I’m looking forward to the next update.:thumbsup:


Really nice start so far on both the city and the FlawShip. I love the rotated-square-pyramids on the back: It’s a shape Bear uses several places in the Way; the Gates, in Axis City… so nice to see it make an appearance here too, subtly connecting it to the rest of the Way’s technology.
Cheers! :slight_smile:



Thanks SNoWS and Walrus. I’m so intensly strapped for time but also have become so addicted to both the story and this challenge that its driving me loco.
I’ve got to make some minor changes to the Flaw Ship to make it match the book a bit more. I want to make the Flaw ship rise up and attach to the singularity like the book describes when they leave Timbal, thats housld be fun.
As for the rotate step pyramids, yeah Greg Bear mentions them all over the place so I plan on using them alot (going to add a gate to the scene too). I cheated and wrote a quick script to create them so its fast and easy for me to build them and pop them in.
Started working on the real geometry for the Axis City drive/navigation units. Should have something rough to show soon.


Finally started some real modeling. This is the first bit of work on the drive/navagation cubes for Axis City’s south end. I’ll add in lots more detail later as displacement maps.

I also have a cool new design for my flaw ship. Got to get that out of my head and into bytes real soon. But next step is to get the base for the cross section done so I can make sure I attach it to the drive cube correctly.


hey! i like the cube, reminds me of the borg cube from star trek :smiley: . at the begining of this challenge i thougt to make something similar too :buonce: :smiley:
good luck :thumbsup:


Just beginning to flesh out the shape of the ‘maltese cross’ unit thats part of Axis Cities Drive/Navigation unit?

Big question, I’m assuming that when Axis City and Central City got sealed in the Way at the end that this unit went along with it? I don’t see how/why it woulden’t have. But???


Started adding details to the cross unit.


Very nice so far! I have yet to pick up the book myself but the samples I read were great.

I really dig how the detail is comming along.


Thanks pogo. I have a ton of detailing I want to do but I think I’m going get all the major parts and major deatiling done first and then come back to each and add in more and more as time permits. I wish I had started a month earlier but…

I’ve go a bit more major detailing on the cross I want to do and then I’m going to start on the Axis Nader itself. I may drop Axis Euclid and Axis-Thoreau and take this as a scene from the end as the Way is seperated from the Seventh Chamber not sure yet which route I have buried in my mind I’ll finally go with because I want to have the camera down low and would love to have a ton of traffic moving in the scene but I also have a funky idea for a scene from the end too. In the end I’ll probably flip a coin:shrug:


Added a bit more detail to the cross unit. I have yet to figure out how I’m going to attach this to the first cube unit. Until I figure out how I want them attached I’m going to start working on Axis Nader. I figure I’ll have tons of doodles on how to connect the two units nicely and what direction I want to take the rest of the details on the cross as well as redoing the details on the cubes. To much to do and to little time.


Started working on Axis Nader. Lots and lots is going to go into the city. I’ve pretty much decided not to do Axis Euclid and Axis Thoreau.


Nice! Lookin all axisy!

I haven’t read the book yet, plan to do that this week, but all your parts are lookin cool! Can’t wait to see em fit together with some dramtic camera angles!

[font=Verdana]- I’ve just entered this competition, so hopefully when I pull something together you’ll have a look and let me know what you think. Peace Peace, and good luck finishing all that you desire![/font]


Added a wee bit more detail work to the beacon arrays and plus through in a couple crude building stand in’s to start judging sizes I’ll need.


Started work on one of the 'mega’s for my Axis Nader. Granted the Mega’s were described in Axis City or the Seventh chamber at all. It kinda works in to my idea none-the-less.


Just something to show I’m still working. This is just laying out where I want this form of mega’s in Axis Nader. I’ve started doing modifications so each of the five are slightly different. I have also started working on a few other buildings which I’ll end up using but I’ll post all those later. I want to get my general city layout designed next including transit lines, parks, buildings ect. Then with that in place I’ll build the rest of the city around all that including the megas.