Eon (3D Scene) Entry: taavi torim


Your daughter is already a 3d GURU???
Maybe to give her some refurbished laptop? For endless msn-chat?

BTW Your manimation ROCKS. ditto.


I’m pretty sure she needs a few more years of practice to reach the elusive guru level :smiley:

As far as the MSN crap goes, yeah, I’ll probably have to get a new PC at some point to offload that particular bit…


At least she is chatting with granny - so this virtual area is “secure” :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear that you’re out… :sad:. your work is truly inspired me for my future work… thanks:thumbsup:

Congratulations daddy! You will be fine with your baby and 3d… trust me, I have a 2 years girl and expecting second baby coming on July… and I never slow down with 3d, even more time on 3d… hehe… :scream:


Hi Alvin!
U are too kind-YOU inspired me :slight_smile: Your alien-design is really cool and unique.

How do You manage to make time for your 3d-hobby while having small kids around? Reveal Your secret :wink: !


Easy… make you wife work harder… hehe(bad daddy:D )


Alvin, Your wife must REALLY love you, if she tolerates your time-consuming 3d-hobby :wink:


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