Eon (3D Scene) Entry: taavi torim


As i mentioned before, my work is inspired by EON novel and it does not follow excact storylines/landmarks from the book. I created a bi-polar chamber inspired by gothic catedral interiors. Massive pillars contain living modules, docking stations, life support machinery etc etc. However - both floors contain 2 bipolar city’s, too.
This chamber does not exist in the novel, but i think it might “fit” to the EON story quite nicely.


I did some detail close-ups as well.


Taavi … thats a really impressive image congrats :applause: …

any news about the extention im getting kinda worried did u talk tu anyone ??


Hi Leotril!
I hadnt talked to anyone… just rised the topic in forum…
I hope that administrator will answer soon. There is no way i can finish animation today…
2 extra days would be really appreciated…


Its a fact now that i cannot finish the animation today… There are still 4 passes to render and every pass takes 3-4 hours to accomplish. And then postproduction, too.
But anyway-id did my best and i will definitely finish the render, too :slight_smile:


keep finishing it! Better have it ready and done, I’m sure they will talk it over and let you join the rest. So better have it done, it’s worth it as it’s really great


i will finish the animation today.So i promised myself. Last passes are still rendering, but i started compositing with my office computer…
I truly hope that they accept my 24h delayed animation!


OK, I AM DONE :smiley:
Hee is swf link:
and here is mov file:

The challenge uploader does not let me upload vlf file unfortunately :frowning:
everything is ready for uploading - can anyone help??


Hi there!
really great animation, my congrats! I really hope they will let you join the final entries. You have to email those links to mibus. FTP is open only for final tiff uploads


Arturro, just received a mail from Mibus. Unfortunately I was too late with my animation - so it was not accepted…


I’ll proudly present my avatar and my cg portfolio… hope to add some stuff into it soon :slight_smile:


sorry to hear that you’re out… I was sure they will accept it… there are not too many finalists :shrug:

I hope to see you here in probably 2/3 months on th enext challenge :slight_smile: I will start it from t hevery beginning as this is my inly chance, this time I didn’t sleep for the last 40 hours, which I hate. Besides I couldn’t comment muc hon others’ works as I had no time. So we both can make an agreement to start together in the first week of the next challenge and to show some progress in each week :bounce:

kindest wishes!


Yep! I hope the next challenge will begin in early spring… because I will be a father in July-so i am not sure how possible is to work on 3d contest while i have to share my attention to my baby&wife too :smiley:


Well, congratulations and I hope you have a beatiful, healthy baby.

Your animation turned out great, love the ship; unfortunate you didn’t make it on time but at least you have a killer portfolio piece. :arteest:


Yeah, me to. I received the response from Mibus yesterday. Unfortunately my entry was submited too late. So upset to here the same happen to you. You have a really top-notch entry. IMO, it should have been amongst the final entries. You win some you lose some, I guess.

Btw, best wishes with the upcoming baby! :slight_smile:


Wow! congratulations dear father. You’r ethe biggest winner here I can see :thumbsup:
kidest wishes to your wife.


@Snows - thnx! we already have a ultrasound-baby-pic and put it into photoalbum :wink:
Other pics will be added in summer :smiley:
Already opened portfolio with eon-contest pic.

@Jedi-Juice-actually i was quite pissed off. First there is a note that U have 24 hours extra timefor uploading and next info is that i was still too late… confusing…
Thnx for the kind wishes :slight_smile:

@Arturro-I’ll make may baby 3d-guru rightaway :smiley:
Thnx !
btw-my wife’s blog:


Hey, really sorry to hear that your entry didn’t make it in… on the other hand, happy to hear about the whole baby thing :thumbsup:

Better do as much CG stuff as you can before the actual birth and everything, because things will certainly change into something that usually doesn’t leave much room for such time-consuming activities as 3D… at least not during the first 1 - 1.5 year…

And on that happy note ( :smiley: ) - Congrats!



Yep-good and bad things might come together… :wink:

I have to start modelling tomorrow again and stop before birth :wink:
Somehow it sounds that U have some experience about combining 3d and babycare activities? :wink: :smiley:


You betcha… However, at this point my daughter is nine years old, but I still have vivid memories of those first couple of years :scream: The only problem I have these days is that she constantly wants to use my PC to play with MudBox or have endless MSN conversations with her granny…