Eon (3D Scene) Entry: taavi torim


In the first look the color composite is great and I am sure the city in the foreground will be made completer and makes it even look better.:thumbsup:
Happy new year!


Taavi … looking good :scream: im curius about ur rendering problem im not into that fase but im preparing getting more memory anmd all that … hope u solve it … good luck


looking great!:scream:


I’ve got 2 gb ram and that might not be enough for full-scene rendering. So i have some workarounds under “investigation”. I’ll definitely report how successfully i solved problems.



Your composition look good. Dont forget to add some haze/fox. I think city at the bottom is lacking some deph this should help a lot. Keep up your great work!


here is the rough concept 1 of flying machine in the cylinder.


The model update - Texturing is still WIP. I am quite clumsy in UV editing, so it takes extra long time to figure out all the tweaks and finesses what UV painting /editing can offer :slight_smile:


Great Tavi!
it looks very spectacular and powerful. I agree about the depth of the foreground, some haze is needed there. Some genlty distance fog and bottom fog would fix everything. Flying machine looks also nice, what is important it fits the mood.
good luck!


Ok, i think that the main flying “machine” is done. If i find enough time, ill continue with character, otherwise i’ll continue with the main scene


Looking good, Taavi, and you’ve got a slick design going for that flyer as well.

As for rendering problems, just stick to rendering elements individually and composite. It’s usually the only way to get the job done AND keep your sanity intact at the same time :smiley:

If there is an obvious lack of shadows in some places where the shadow caster is not included in the currently layered render, I usually use the good old proxy trick: make a very low poly approximation of the object that is supposed to cast shadows, and then use whatever mechanism your software has to make the proxy invisible to cameras, yet visible to shadowcasting lights. Then you’ll get your shadows, but you don’t see the proxy in the rendered output. For the remaining layers, just rinse and repeat as needed.

EDIT: Given the new info, use a compositing tag on the proxy - with ‘cast shadows’ checked, and ‘seen by camera’ unchecked :wink:


It has been a time from the last update, but here i the other flying model /transpoter/ in the scene.
Hope U like it!


I aso made a short test render -it’s actually kind of “engine’s test”



yeah man, i like your vehicles and the scene, very unique and cool design, good luck for your final:D


Here is the composite test. I am not satisfied with the camera-angle and there are some mistakes in compositing (some overlapping and missing areas). But basically i magaged to learn how to divide the scene into separate parts and render those one by one. I truly hope that i’ll manage to finish in time .


wow, wow and more wow…:thumbsup: what progrmme did you do that on?


Thnx, Alvin! So far Cinema 4D, Photoshop and Illustrator.


Thnx! Just rendering the passes…


I think i am getting close to the final render… animation still to do…


Here is my final render for EON challenge. However the visual i created does not copy 100% the EON novel’s storyline, but it is inspired by it.


very imaginitive, it really creates a sense of some other place, maybe the height of the space or something, it’s cool!