Eon (3D Scene) Entry: taavi torim


The cylinder WIP and how it looks with the towers. Last 3 rows of towers are still missing because too-long-render times.


Phewww… first critical comment by myself…
Guess i’ll have to make the beam 2X thinner, also make the the beam-intersecting discs 2x smaller or maybe remove those.

The cylinders cap needs some extra details … MyGod, still so much to do…


Parampapapaaa… :slight_smile:
Here is the first wip of the character i plan to use in my scene. The head need some tweaks, the helmet is rough too. Right now She has no BODY.
Maybe i’ll keep her bald, because the helmet is covering the head almost completely…


yeah nice face dude, i realy like the helmet looks cool, keep working:D


Ha,ha.Wonderfull model for hat you find,funny also.Yo give me a cool ideea for one of my personal project.Thanks man.
Keep it up.


@spire- you are welcome :slight_smile:

@vietemotion- thnx, man !


Hey Taavi. Good start on the head. :thumbsup:

I do have one crit regarding the plasma tube. I think it is way too bright. It is my understanding from reading the book that the tuberider travels along the singularity within the plasma tube. So, I would think that the tube would be less bright otherwise the passengers in the tuberider would become blinded from the light. :eek: Something for you to think about. :slight_smile:


Good point! I’ll definitely tweak that plasma tube a bit :slight_smile:


Too many bad things happened on Wednesday and thats why i hadnt chance to continue my project so far… Hope to continue next week. The house I live in caught fire and my granduncle lose his life in it. If i anyhow manage to finish this project, it will be dedicated to the memory of Ilmar Kroonmann… 1979-2006. :frowning:
He was very talented and good man…
Nice start to christmas-time anyhow…


So sorry to hear the bad news, Taavi. You have my condolences. I too lost a relative last Tuesday evening. My grandmother past away in her sleep. So, I can somewhat understand what you’re going through.

Despite the bad news, I hope you find the courage to continue on with your work. If not, there will always be a next time.


verry verry sorry Taavi, condolences. take care man and hope you all the best in this sad monment, and hope that you’ll find the power too continue.


Tweaking lights, walls and cap of the cylinder basically done.


anoter camera angle. The towers have peen replaced temporarly with “dummies” - just for quicker renders.


Jedi-Juice, Andrei…
Thank you for Your supporting and kind words. This week has been difficult - i think it’s better if i dont describe all the stuff had to be done… Anyway, i’ll try to put some speed to the project progress again. Goodnight.


amazing stuff!! I´m really busy with mine, but this is way over my league.
Good luck!



The rendering issues are really nightmarish now. I have to render all towers separately-otherwise the computer just freezes. I really hope to finish the project within deadline…


PS. can anyone share his/her experience how to render massive scenes? My computer just freezes when i’ll try to render the scene with all towers being visible. For this pic i rendered all towers as separate passes. But the side walls are lacking the shadows of the towers- because the environment/background pic was rendered without any “pillars” visible.

Thanx for advance!



Hi Taavi,

Your scene is looking rather epic! Nice work dude. Might I suggest making the lights in the buildings smaller to give everything a bigger scale?

Cheers :smiley:


I love the positioning in this last image it really gives you a wonderful sense of size in this massive chamber!


Hey Aurora, Ginger!
Thanx for kind words :slight_smile:
I am still looking for right viewpoint-angle.
I have to simplify the pillars somehow- the amount of details is too much for rendering.
Maybe the background pillars should be simpler and with less details…