Eon (3D Scene) Entry: taavi torim



Ummm… i never dare to make to-do list… the amount of work would be too frightening :slight_smile:
I’ll guess i keep on tinkering the textures, start building environment and of course-i’ll have to start modelling the main character :slight_smile:


well… I wont be making any characters, will only be doing a flyby i think, with some changes of lights and stuff… currently working on how to solve it… maybe some moving water… I´m thinking of doing the water with some fluid simulations instead… i think that would be cool, + I have never done it before…

-thondal- (with L)


Modeling the interior of the tower


another shoot from the interior


Coming along well. Are you still planning on adding the character with the jet-pack? Would be nice to see him. I think it would help with the overall scale.


Hi Jedi!
I’m planning to use the character(s) too. I have worked with her a bit, but hadnt uploaded the pics yet :slight_smile:
Right now focusing mainly on buildings.


Nice progress here :slight_smile:

I have only one crit about the small buildings on the floor, try to make more diversity to the windows texture by using colored windows and not only white and black ones. You have an example here > http://forums.cgsociety.org/showpost.php?p=2772411&postcount=129

Keep working, it takes shape :thumbsup:


I’m really diggin these tall detailed structures you got goin! The interlacing work is really inspiring!

You mentioned you hadn’t done something with this kind of scale before but you seem to be doing an excellent job demonstrating just that, so rock on! :buttrock:

I agree with the others on [font=Verdana]diversifying [/font]the windows on your smaller buildings but as its a WIP I won’t say anymore :slight_smile:

Cheers! And I’ll be watching for updates!

[font=Verdana]- I’ve just entered this competition, so hopefully as soon as I get some work finished you’ll have a look and let me know what you think. Peace Peace![/font]


really interesting progress since my last coming !! The nomad advices could be good to give depth and life feeling to your scene. Keep on your great work ! :thumbsup:


Ok, here is the first pic of the interior, 4 towers from the end are still missing because too long render times. I added docking stations in the middle of the towers. The cylinder is rough model, too. Main light -set up is established, needs definitely some tweaking. Ithink I need to add atmosphere, to make the scale more believable.


Hi Guys! Thanks for stepping by ans sharing Your point!

@ Nomad: thanx for the advice, i definitely try to do something about the windows :slight_smile:

@ Bergquist: Than You for kind words :slight_smile: I will visit your place as soon as You have something there :wink:

@Swed: :slight_smile: and keep up Your excellent work too!


hey !
huge scene you are building .loocks great :thumbsup:
i like the huge towerslooking forward to see more.
keep up and good luck !


Nice buildings, cool looking!



Looking good, taavi.

You mention that the lighting is established, but I think that it si too dark in many areas. You might have to come up with some ambient lighting solution to remedy this. It would really help pick out the nice architectural details that you put into your models.


OMG! This looks freakin awesome! :buttrock:
I love seeing followthrough and this is looking great from your concept!

On the lighting idea - the lowercity lights are well rounded… there are pools of darks and lights, values of highcontrast eareas and everything in btween, while the lager buildings have no range in value like the pools of light inbetween the buildings on the street.

Do you still plan on having your flying person in the scene?


Wonderful perspective Cyril.The scale of the main structures are nicely supported by this perspective.Nice work.Good luck.



Hi there my firend!
simply unique designs. I love your concept and modelling so far.
best of luck, I hope you will finish all this


Amazing! I’ve been sick a bit, and when I come back, your model just blow mine out of the way. Oh well, just started on a new one, hope this one will be close to the detail of yours… very unlikely, but better then the last one. Amazing Megas! :wink: Keep up the amazingly good work.



Hi everyone!
I have been buzy at work ( i guess that is common issue to everyone just before cristmas-time :slight_smile: )
For last few days i have modelled the walls of cylinder and experimented with different shaders…
I hope to post some wips, as soon as i have something to show :slight_smile:

@ AndreiSzasz
@ alvin-cgi
@ prabath
@ arturro
@ prabath

thank You guys for Your kind words :), i’ll try to give my best and finish the project within deadline.

@ Jedi-Juice
@ Bergquist
Thank you for remarks!
he main light setup is roughly establised. And it needs still a lot of tweaking. The ambient support-lights idea is worth 10-points :wink:

@thondal - good to see You back! I was sick too and it was very unproductive time :frowning:



Ok, finally managed to move forward- here is the cylinder’s gap close-up WIP