Eon (3D Scene) Entry: taavi torim


the tower looks sooo hugh… :scream: i like it. by such dimension i hope that i didn´t get lost. :slight_smile:
keep it up…


Wonderful work so far - I really like your shapes. The concept roughs are beautiful!


Interesting architectural details. I like it.

Keep it up.


Nice detail work on that. Looks great!


Thanks for encouragement!
Some updates will follow soon!


Ok, here is an update-added small landing bays, few outer habitation and greenhouse modules & also made lighting set-up a bit darker.
It’s quite late already- so my english is getting bad, too - less talk, more work :wink:


:eek: Uhhhhhhhhhh that tower is HUUUGE, I didn’t realize it at first because I only saw your last image, but then I started reading the previous pages… damn!

Anyway, I like the amount of detail on the tower, however at that humongous size, I think you’ll need to add even more detail (bump/normal maps would be ok I guess, depending on the zoom)

Looking great :applause:


I started to model&texture ground buildings.
Here are the samples.


another shot from the ground


the last shot for today :slight_smile:


Those are some HUGE buildings! I like 'em. :slight_smile:

Keep it up.


Nice details on your models, good work!:slight_smile:


Here is a “downtown” update. Added roads and some fill-lights between buildings.


@alvin-cgi, thaks-i’ll keep it rolling :slight_smile:

@jedi-juice, the buildings are huge indeed, its really easy to loose the scale-touch :twisted:


could not resist the temptation to post the skyline view, too.



The tallest buildings are looking great, nice detail & form, however the small buildings look kind of simple compared to the tallest, but probably you’ll detail them anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

I just have a technical advice for you: in the small buildings you have lit and unlit windows, I don’t know if you do this as a texture or as polys, but the pattern jumps to the eye; if you’re using a texture here’s my “tip”, there’s a plugin (now free) called Texture Shaker, you can use it to randomize textures, let’s say black and white squares (for the windows), even adding variations in color, size, luminosity, etc. Perhaps it could prove useful to you =D


GL :thumbsup: !


hey Amz23 :slight_smile:
Thank You for Your positive and constructive feedback. You are right-the small buildings really lack the details. I hope to find time to improve the small ones. Shuffling the window-textures seems to be really good idea! Alltough the textureshaker seems not to work with Cinema 4d :frowning:
So i have to randomize the window patterns manually, i guess.


love the towers taavi. And thanx for the link, I managed to come up with an idea. Currently working on it. Btw, love your texturing… i´m not good at texturing at all, so I need a lot of training there. waiting for more updates :wink:



Thank You for Your kind words :).
The surface texturing is quite simplistic yet-just one pattern-plate. I’ll try to generate more different ones.
Windows-textures are assembled in photoshop.


Oh… well. I´m still stuck with figuring out how to finish the model, but I don´t really think that texturing will be a problem per se, but more like a challenge for me personally. Good luck with your new textures. Whats the next big thing your planning on?