Eon (3D Scene) Entry: taavi torim


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Hi everybody!
Here is my first rough-sketch for EON challenge. Unfortunately i dont have a chance to buy the copy of EON , so i have to interpret the subject more “freely”.
I decided to give the interior more church-like look. Theinterior should look rally huge and the colums are habitable “skyscrapers”


Here Is the cross-section of chamber


Just wanted to say hello and good luck!
This is going to be fun!


Hi! I played around with fonts and ended up with this compo.


Now i’ll post some rough 3d visualizations.


Here is the second one. Still not sure about the camera angle… Now i really need to sleep :slight_smile:


Oh, very interesting your vision. I´ll be watching to your work. Good luck, good night and sleep well!:thumbsup:


hu ! love your logo and your 3d rough test. Seems to be very impressive cam angle.
my pref goes to the first. Shifted angle, can se pillars details and city details ! sounds good to me :slight_smile:
i wish you good luck mate, and follow your works :thumbsup:


I really like the camera angle in that last one, good work, keep it up!


Your concepts are looking realy good.Keep it up.


@SONIC-X Thanx! I’ll try to do my best! My modelling skills are getting rusty already :smiley:
@mark123 , @SWED, thank you for Your kind words. I stil keep looging for “WOW” cam angle :scream:
GonzaloGolpe, Thanx, ill slept like a baby toninght !:wise:


interesting POVs here, not sure about your framing tho, feels a bit hybrid, like you’re not sure if you wanna go landscape format or portrait format… I think you should try and settle this in each of your attempts. Also, I think having an extreme foreground element (a ship, or characters, whatever) can be great to add depth and a sense of scale. Keep em coming!


Hi M@!

Thank You for suggestions
The framing will be errr… landsape. I am really trying to settle the framing during progress. I dont have much experience with vast backgrounds and it really hard to find excellent angle :shrug:
There wil be some “traffic” and some flying chars in air for adding sense of scale.
Thanx for stepping by!:slight_smile:


here is the first skyscraper. I hope to add more details via bump channel-otherwise the rendering time will be limitless :frowning:
next subject might be lo-poly buildings.


Started to model the towers.


During modelling, i realized how difficult is to assemble the final composition because vast size differences. Right now i am modelling one of the towers, which is 30 km tall (reaches fromone side to opposite side of the cylinder) and the diameter is “only” 2km :slight_smile:
The humans i planned to use in this scene are really-really tiny …


Hadnt had a chance to post aything for a while. Tonight i had an opportunity to continue modelling. So/here are some updates :slight_smile:


Hadnt had a chance to post aything for a while. Tonight i had an opportunity to continue modelling. So/here are some updates :slight_smile:


Here’s more closer look