Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Szasz Andrei


heyhey Andrei !!
you’re render is clean, anim is cool with some effects, really great. This entry is done, and well done ! you did a good job on this one.


Congrats friend and good luck for the final ! :wink:


hey !
great thanks Cyril ! and good luck to you mate! :thumbsup:
we’re all whaiting for your final post :bounce::bounce::bounce:


Bravo tata foarte frumos!!!


Spire ! merci fain ! spor si bafta si tie! :buttrock:



U are done! Congrats!


Thank god they extended the deadline (talking now about my project)


Hey Szasz,

Your final image looks great and the lighting and amount of details are awesome.:thumbsup: :thumbsup: Great job on this and good luck.


Hi, that turned out great! congratulations! now I need to get my rear in gear and finish mine cause I have other things to work on.

Good Luck!


hey Taavi, Mike and Angel !
thanks guys ! i’m very glad you liked it.
i wish you all good luck , and let us see your great images !
cheers guys ! :beer: :buttrock:


this is breathtaking ! love the little flying bots


One of my favorite final images right here! It’s the somewhat sketchy style that does it, somewhat loose like a concept painting… very cool, surprisingly Japanese rather than Romanian for some reason, a neat sense of depth and I really like the red/green combo. Jolly good job, Andrei.


hey Chaitanya and James ! tahnks guys ! really glad you like it and
lots of good luck too you guys ! :thumbsup:


hey guys !
i decided to post for you a bigger render of the scene, it will help to see the details better and if i did the big render i said why not post it, even if the challenge dosn’t request it :smiley:

so here it is …1600 x 1000 ( i’ve made it this res to fit in the page :smiley: )

hope you’ ll like it more :slight_smile:


You’ve done a great job, Andre! Congratulations! :bounce:

I know that it’s too late for me to comment, but I think that there is one thing that would help your image. I notice that there are quite a few super-dark areas. I think that these would benefit from some nice fill lighting. Even a small increase in light would help. Of course, I don’t expect you to make these changes now that you are finished. :smiley:

Anyway, good luck with the judging. :beer:


I think the image would be flat without the contrasts it has right now, I wouldn’t remove any dark areas…

felicitari andreiule! ai terminat animalu! :smiley:


yeah i think so too, let some area dark, in the most cases its better NOT to show everything. I like it! Nice colors and models, superb! Good luck mate!


wow - I haven’t seen it with the red lights yet and I must say I really like the final result! They’ve added so much to the image… it kinda feels like a painting which is really nice:thumbsup:


Excellent work, Andrei. I just made that render my new desktop background. Thanks. :slight_smile:


hey ! thanks guys and girl :smiley: !

Jesus, thank man and… yeah it’s a little to late, but not your suggestion is late. i would like to do some more tweaking and modification on the buildings and some textures , and maybe compositing… but i found a bit later about the new end term of the competition, and all my renders wore done , and 90% of compositing, too. i had a lot of problems with the renders, becouse of my comp. , so i decedid to leave the image like it was on 15 january, couse i coldn’t risk to rerender and recomposit it in so short time.
anyway big thanks for your siggestions and advises all along this challenge.

Cheers :thumbsup: and good luck !

thanks Virgil and Linh, i agree that the dark areas are right placed, couse i did a lot of tests before and it seams that this was the best way to add contrast and depth to the scene.
thanks guys , and good luck !

hey Magdalena, thanks a lot , glad you like it . i gues that my painting studys finaly helped me somehow. :D. ( and by the way , i like your sculpture like models a lot) good luck !

Todd , hey glad you like it , it seams there are two of us hwo gott the same deskyop :d lol
cheers mate !


so i guess this is my last submission , on this challenge. i tweaked a little the red/green contrast from the last submission.
hope you like it .
i wish you all good luck, and for those that haven’t submit the final image, yet ,
hurry up guys !

good luck to all, and see you on the next challenge !

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congregulation for great final work:thumbsup: