Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Szasz Andrei


hey Gunilla, glad to see you back, thanks and looking forward too see your final image and movie.
cheers ! :bounce:


so… here is something very near the final image, i’ m not really sure if i should increase the contrast and accentuate the depth pass, i’ll do some more tests , but your suggestion will be welcome. thanks
hope you like it:D


Hi Andrei!
The details, modelling look awesome. But i think that the light setup is a bit flat. I tried a bit by myself- tweaked the contrast and the lightness of the foreground… hope You dont mind… :wink:
here’s the link, http://www.smilegroup.ee/taavi/test.jpg


hey Taavi, thanks man , and great thanks for the sugestion. i’m going to increase the contrest a little , couse you’re right it looks to flat.
thanks man :thumbsup:


hey andrei

really nice composition - excellent style

good luck


hey Neil ! thanks man , and good luck to you too :thumbsup:

i’d managed to tweak a little the compositing, and now i gues it looks better. i’ll post an update shortly…


so… tweaked a little the image…maybe there is place for some more tweaking…but this is it for now…
guess it looks better :smiley:


Hi, It looks very well .You have done a fine job.Good luck man!


hi Spire ! thanks man, and good luck to you too

i’ve done some more compositing tweaking and i’ll soon post the final image.

thanks guys for help, suggestions and suport and good luck to you all !


hey! guess this is the final compositing render, but just found out that we have 21 more days , so there is still time for some modifications.
for now this is image hope you like it

…still have to make some renders for the animation


Hey, I like the change in colour compared to the greyer one before. Picks is up a lot more and makes it warmer.

Cheers :smiley:


Hey Andrei, you’ve just gave me the best of news :slight_smile: and you didn’t need to write a single word. :slight_smile: 21 days left… yap, that’s a relief.
Your work is quite amazing, I like it very much… it has a very interesting ambience.
Good luck for your final.


you have the background covered with fog and a bridge going between builidings. It would look more cool if you can reduce the fog a little and add detials of more buildings far away to create a big city look. Kind of z-depth i’m talking about. Get a Zdepth and comp it.


woweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :eek: super super details Andrei! :eek:

love that green n red combination goin on … :love: very cool indeed!

looking forward to ur final piece! :bounce:

cheers! :beer: n good luck dude! :thumbsup:


very nice work man, should be a really cool animated sequence too.
looking forward to that:thumbsup:


Looks Great! Best of Luck. :bounce:


hey guys, and sorry for the late reply, i was taking this time to make some improvments in the animation., i’ll sone post something on it.

@ Michael, thanks man, glad you likr it.

@ Claudio, thanks man, happy to give you this good news, good luck to you too ! :thumbsup:

@ digigkris, hey , thanks for the sugestions, i allready have a compositing test with less fog , and i think that it doesen’t look so cool as the one with the more fog on it. i would liked to make the sky more visible , but the fog adds more depth to the image, so i decided that’s better.About the buildings, yes it would be great to made more of them, but i’ve calculated to finish the scene on 15 january, soo the time wasn’t enough to add more :D. And about the Z-depth, there is a depth pass i’d used, you can see it in the first “post effects and compositing” post, and is the one that makes the greanysh fog in the final image.

@ Neville, hey man ! thanks a lot and cheers to you too! :beer: , your image loocks great too, good luck budy ! :buttrock:

@Angel, thanks man , i hope that you are right, stiil have to do a lot of work an the animnation compositing . good luck !:thumbsup:

@Nico, thanks good luck to you too !

and once again good luck to you all ! see you soon with a new update :smiley:


hey ! here is a print screen from the video compositing of the animation (done with fusion)
i’ll soon post the animation , too. just have to make it a flv.
good luck guys !


wow!! your almost there! :thumbsup:


Software: 3ds max,Digital Fusion,finalRender,Photoshop

hi guys !
so finaly my image is done. maybe it could be better but there is always place for a little better. so 'till the next time i hope you like it.

good luck to you all

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