Eon (3D Scene) Entry: Szasz Andrei


Excellent modeling, texturing, etc., AndreiSzasz.

My only complaint is that your JPEG images seem to be heavily compressed, so a lot of details are lost in the (blurry) artifacts caused by the compression settings you’re saving your JPEG’s in. Maybe its the computer I’m viewing them on. I’m visiting family for the holidays so I’m not seeing the images on my highend system. I’ll check again when I get home.

Great designs though. I’ll be back.



hey !
almost finished the modeling on my scene … so here it is.
hope you like what i gott so far. it still needs to add some more cables and stuff and a little more detail on the background buildings.


yeah, this looks awesome dude:D keep working.


hey Tuan ! incredible fast reply :smiley: thanks man ! :thumbsup:

thanks todd , the image quality could be low becouse of the compresion, but i can’t upload them on higher res becouse of the upload limit. maybe on the final image :smiley:

… ohh … and yeahh ! HAPPY HOLLIDAYS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE ! ! !:buttrock:


one word - WOW :scream:



Wow man, your work is getting more and more impressive each time I see it. Absolutely wonderful. Good luck.


hey ! HAPPY NEW YEAR ! to everybody

Alvin & Claudio thanks guys !

good luck to you all, it’s time to finish this challenge ! :thumbsup:

i’ll sone post some final images of the scene and there is still some work on the movie. hope to finish it soon :smiley:


hey !
this is my scene almost done with the texturing and setup…
the lighting is just an ambient light pass that helps to see the textures better.
still need to add some cables and pipes and the compositing effects of course.
hope you like it so far.:smiley:


Looking really nice. Can’t wait to see the final image. The interesting building shapes definitely give it a real other-worldly feel. Great work!


the work is great .:applause: The only suggestion I think is that if you can moderate your scene a little by lighting contrast then in the first look the scene will be separable by some distinct spaces.:slight_smile:


Great modeling and texturing Andrei…:scream: didn u model a car or other stuff ?..
i think i did see ur trhread a while ago … anyway good luck :applause:


@ Leving, thanks man !

@ Adel, thanks for the sugestion man, but this was just an ambient light render, i’m working on the key light pass now and that will add the contrast to the scene. i’ll use an occlusion and a depth pass and i gues that will make the perspectiv more clear.

@ Leotril , thanks man, i did modeld a vehicle, but it was initialy a bug chopper. i did that before reading the entire book, so i’ve decided not to add it to the scene. beside that my characters are sitting on a platform, where a car could not ritch.

… i’ve started to render the final passes…and i will sone post something more close to the final image.

good luck !


here are the compositing passes and a test of the final image. i had done some more tests, but i still need to tweak it a little and to add some particles passes and some color correction and some filters of course. :smiley:

… and still need to do a lot of rendering for the movie and re render some passes of the scene…so there is still a lot of work …


superb! I really love the colors! In which resolution you are going to render this piece out? Good luck further on mate!


hey ! thanks mate!
i gues i’ll try to render it somthing …around 3636 x 2045… but i’m not realy sure that i’ll manage to do that becouse of my laisy comp… i’m getting a lot of memory errors with 2gb of RAM… it seems it’s not enough. i had to reander a lots of passes and distance layers and then put them all togheter, and even so i gott a lots of max crashes.

good luck to you too !


Hehey Andrei, it`s taking shape.:applause:
Very nice mate, with lots of details (no wonder your computer ask for mercy) and great mood in the final comp.
Push it hard to finish it. Looking forward to the final image.
Happy rendering mate!!:thumbsup:


Thanks for showing all the difference passes, it always interesting to see all these passes can combine and produce stunning image! Great work!:thumbsup:



really interesting ! your depth pass is good managed ! but… can’t see the seekers in composition test ?? :stuck_out_tongue:

great job Andrei :thumbsup:


hey Guys ! thanks .

hey Radu thanks man, i gues i’m going to escape from job this week to be able to finish the compositing and the movie :smiley: it seems that the weekend wasn’t long enough for me to mange all the renders…

hehe Cyril :scream: you’re right man , it looks like i forget to put on the seekers in the test :blush:

i’ll soon post a new test image more close to the final , and this one with the seekers in it …:smiley:


Oh! It’s been a while since I last saw this and it’s really coming together well. I like the way you make it look really graphical. The colors works real well too - this is going to be just fine :slight_smile: